albert speer

  1. Speer/Goebbels after Hitler?

    In a Nazi victory scenario where Germany stretches from France to the Urals, Hitler is expected to die in the years around 1950. At first glance, the succession revolves around a few key groups: the Party, the Army and the SS. With Himmler toxic to many, could the Party ally with members of the...
  2. Lord_Vespasian

    The Crucible of Absolution (A post Battle of Berlin Germany)

    The Crucible of Absolution Chapter 1: An Unlikely Führer May 7, 1945 The Führer is dead, he and his love, Eva Braun, thrown into a ditch to burn so as to spare them from the humiliation the Soviets would treat them with, dead or alive. He had been slowly losing it for several years, with...