1. WI: Tommy Dreamer goes out with his plans to kill Paul Heyman, then himself, live at WrestleMania.

    Tommy Dreamer, no joke, admitted he planned to do this. This wasn't a joke by him, he genuinely could've done it. The reason I kept this out of the fandom thread was that, well, not only is this a WI but it also would've definitely affected how the country would see sports entertainment.
  2. AHQ/WI: What if the War of the stray dog had escalated? Who would've won, Bulgaria or Greece?

    In 1925, a short war occurred between Greece and Bulgaria. It isn't truly known what caused the war, with two versions of the story existing. But that doesn't matter, what only matters is who would've won? What would have occurred after the victory for whichever side pulls the win? How does it...