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  1. A Horn of Bronze--The Shaping of Fusania and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    -Prologue- Eishou-ji (永勝寺), Ishikari Province, 1498 Is this where he lives, Jikken (実顕) thought to himself. The finest and most learned of the Soui [1] is here. Jikken strode the wooden corridors of the temple of Eishouji, glancing eagerly for a sight of him. He had to remind himself he was a...
  2. Zachariah

    AHC/WI: Tiwi Empire

    So lets say that, ITTL, the Tiwi people begin practicing agriculture around 2,000-3,000 years ago (either developing it independently, or through contact with SE Asia) and begin to cultivate all of the crops native to the Tiwi Islands which they already gathered to eat (and still do) IOTL. These...
  3. Lapita Australia: A pre-contact timeline

    1300 BC: Lapita settlers establish a colony on Great Palm Island. They come into conflict with the Aboriginal inhabitants of the island, but the Lapita bow and arrow sees the Aborigines driven from the island. They eventually establish more peaceful contact with the Aborigines on the mainland...