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  1. Peaceful partition of Switzerland after 1900?

    Is it possible to have a peaceful partition of Switzerland after 1900, with the Italian/Romansh areas going to Italy, the French areas to France and German to Germany (or Austria, if its somehow easier)?
  2. KingOnTheEdge

    WI The Moroccan Crisis Started WW1?

    The 20th Century, even before the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, was full of points for the world to burst. In 1905, Kaiser Wilhelm II supported Moroccan independence, angering France and Britain, but eventually a diplomatic solution was reached. But what if negotiations broke down, and the...
  3. EternalMadness1997

    Land of Confusion: A U.S. Timeline
    Threadmarks: 2000 Election I: Only 1% Off

    Author's Note: That's right, stepping into the Non-Gaming timeline ring! This is my take on a Gore presidency, though I do warn you all, there will be some twists you may not expect later on down the road. For now though, let's be fixated on the man, the myth, the legend himself, Albert Arnold...
  4. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: Soviets Don't Rise In Russia?

    Otl, to say communism was a big deal is a wee bit of an understatement. So what if we were to have the first communist revolution fail? Say kerensky pulls out of world war one, which his otl failure to do so turned many to the bolshevik cause. What happens to the great war if the CP are bought...
  5. Saudi Arabia annexes North Yemen POD of 1918

    POD of 1918 Make North Yemen be annexed as a Permanent part of Saudi Arabia by 1939 that remains all the way to this alternate present. When looking at how the Saudis took over many Arab Kingdoms such as the Hashemite Kingdom of Hejaz I always thought it was weird that yemen was the only...
  6. Hindustani Person

    WI: Monarchist Israel under Rothschilds

    So I saw this flag by Marc Pasquin based on this one by gruff.jones, and it got me thinking, who the hell would become the monarch of Israel? So I looked for members of Jewish peerage, and I found the Rothschilds, one of the most powerful families in the world, who are also practicing Jews and...
  7. RayRiceBurroughs

    Adolf Hitler In A German WWI Victory Timeline

    It's interesting to think about the tyrants of history and how they might have turned out if circumstances had been different, or if their way of viewing the world hadn't been warped by their circumstances. So when you think of the biggest tyrant in human history. One has to wonder. What if some...
  8. WI: Wilhelm II was Kaiser of Germany and King of the UK?

    Since 2013, British succession laws to the Throne have been changed to every first born being the automatic heir no matter what gender the child is. But what if instead of Queen Elizabeth II bringing that law into place, Queen Victoria did? That would mean her daughter would become Queen...
  9. ETGalaxy

    The Miracle of the Marne: An Entente Victory Scenario

    Hey everyone! One part of history that has always really interested me is the Great War. I've toyed around with Entente victory scenarios in the past, however, as they started to become really popular on this website, I was discouraged from starting yet another timeline where the Entente wins...
  10. Luke_Starkiller

    DWBI: The Reggielution Never Happens?

    As you all well know, in 2008, Governor Reginald "Reggie" Fils-Aime of New York was elected President. The former Namco exec-turned Governor is largely credited with the modernization of America's digital infrstructure and the incorporation of the internet into nearly all aspects of daily life...
  11. ETGalaxy

    German Involvement in the Americas in a CP Victory Scenario

    As of recently I've gained a bit of an interest in Imperial German influence in Mexico prior to and during World War One. While I understand that Germany was most interested in attempting to get Mexican aggression to distract the US from the war in Europe I find it plausible that positive...
  12. ETGalaxy

    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Title and Table of Contents

    MAN-MADE HELL: THE HISTORY OF THE GREAT WAR AND BEYOND ~~Phase One~~ Chapter One: All Because of Two Bullets Chapter Two: Peace For Our Time? Chapter Three: The Sleeping Giants Chapter Four: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité ~~Phase Two~~ Chapter Five: What Madness is This? Chapter Six...
  13. WI: Free Market Capitalist China?

    It endured years of warlordism, a communist takeover, and a Cultural Revolution that produced carnage, chaos, and national catastrophe. Yet mere decades after Deng Xiaoping's reforms, China has emerged as one of the most formidable nations of our time. As a nominally communist power with a...
  14. Science and Technology In A Modern Nazi Germany

    Throughout World War Two-oriented media, Nazi Germany is depicted as a powerhouse, especially in the fields of science and technology. From advanced spacecraft to superheavy tanks, their alleged mastery of engineering is displayed for every consumer of such media to see. Judging by internet...
  15. ETGalaxy

    DBAHC: Make the United States Align With the Entente in WWI

    The United States of America's entry into WWI on behalf of Germany was arguably one of the most influential events in the whole conflict, and later influenced world history. The Americans established a hegemony over the Americas through the Organization of American States and maintained...
  16. 1973 Afghanistan coup fails

    The 1973 coup overthrew the monarchy, and the king's cousin, Daoud Khan assumed the presidency. This event was a sort-of starting point to the 37 years of war Afghanistan will experience. What will happen if the coup didn't happen? Another coup? A war? Stabilzation?
  17. Alternate Soviet Union (based on my Hoi4 game)

    So ITTL, Soviets take over Eastern Poland (like in OTL), Turkey, Iran, Finland, AFghanistan, all Arabian province nations (except for kuwait, stupid UK) and Iraq (what i took over in hoi4 before germany attacked). At this time, japan defeats the ROC and PRC and makes various puppet states...
  18. ETGalaxy

    DBAHC: Reverse Cold War

    You're challenge here is to create a reverse Cold War where the Americans are democratic and the Russians are a communist dictatorship. Bonus points if instead of just keeping the USA alive there's still a pan-Anglo Saxon movement like in OTL. OOC: The one rule I'll have for this DBWI is that...
  19. ETGalaxy

    DBWI: Could the German Civil War be averted?

    I've seen a lot of threads that try to theorize about the Soviet Federation of Germany won the German Civil War (1930-1935) but could the Civil War be completely avoided? If so, what effects would this have? Would the German Republic still eventually restore the Kaiser regardless? I think it's a...
  20. ETGalaxy

    What if the Nivelle Offensive Succeeded?

    Assuming that the Nivelle Offensive in World War I goes perfectly as intended and was strategically decisive against the Germans what happens next? Does Germany surrender and if so what does the peace treaty look like?