1. Nader Shah wins at Samarra (1733)?

    The Battle of Samarra was the only defeat Nader-not-yet-Shah ever suffered in his entire career. Following Tahmasp II's disastrous offensive into the Caucasus in 1731, Nader sought to force the Ottomans to hand back the territories lost in that campaign by capturing Baghdad. Unfortunately for...
  2. GauchoBadger

    WI: Nader Shah never rises to power?

    Based on an older thread from 2017 that i made. Nader Shah Afshar, founder of the Afsharid Dynasty, was a prominent 18th century Persian historical figure noteworthy for his spectacular military accomplishments, his ruthlessness, and the short life of his empire. His resumé includes beating the...
  3. CH33K1 N4ND0Z

    AHC: Nader Shah's Austrian son beccomes Shahanshah?

    Is there anything anybody can think of to do with this guy?