1. How bad can the ACW get?

    as far as I know, there was a chance for California to secede during the war and Oregon apparently had an independence movement too- how much can the US unravel during the ACW?
  2. Oba Cahokia

    How long would the Civil War last if Kentucky joined the Confederacy but New York also seceded under Mayor Fernando Wood?

    The Purple/Blue (Colorblind) is the Union, Red is the Confederacy and the Orange is New York. Apparently New York City or at least the Mayor also thought about leaving the Union to keep economic ties with the Confederacy and this got me thinking. How long would this Civil War last and what be...
  3. AHQ: President Hooker's successors

    So, after an utterly humiliating loss to the CSA and their UK & French allies (peace with secession in 1863), Lincoln resigning in shame, General Hooker rides a wave of populist anger to the White House in 1864 and promptly (coopting the existing Democratic and some Republican Machines) cements...
  4. ReconGuy02

    1861-1862 Western Theater and probabilities?

    For some time now, a question been irking me. Was there any possible way to significantly improve CSA performance in KY/TN in 1861 and up until 1863? Sure, they won't win war, they were doomed since they failed to knock out Union psychologically with string of loud defeats in 1861-1862 on the...
  5. Gibraltar Dream – What if Fort Fisher held firm?
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Introduction "The next day, it was general knowledge that the Kentuckian had notified Davis of his acceptance. On January 6 [1], 1865, the president sent Breckinridge's nomination to the Senate, and that body did unanimously advise and consent to the appointment, making the general, at...
  6. Oba Cahokia

    WI: The State of Lincoln and the State of Sequoyah

    What if half of the Indian Territory was divided into Freedman's Territory and eventually became a state in 1910 with Sequoyah?
  7. AltoRegnant

    Maryland Secedes; Where Would Lincoln Run The Administration From?

    Let's assume that, due to increased violence in the Baltimore Riots, and perhaps a more Democratic State Legislature, Maryland decides to Secede. This, naturally, is a death knell for DC as the capital of the Lincoln administration, due to having the seat of Government encircled by the revolting...
  8. Oba Cahokia

    Who Would the CSA go after first, Cuba or Northern Mexico?

    I'm thinking about doing a Socialist Confederacy TL and I came up with a idea for it. I just wanted to know your guys' opinion.
  9. Stonewall Jackson Dead in August of 1862

    During the Northern Virginia Campaign, Stonewall Jackson came extremely close to death. On August 26, at Manassas Junction, a Union soldier aimed directly at Jackson and fired, but missed his shot. But let's say the bullet finds its mark and Jackson dies nine months early. What would be the...
  10. AHC: Britain recognizes the C.S.A, but the Confederates still lose

    If Great Britain recognizes the Confederacy for whatever reason, could the Union still win? Parliament was leaning towards recognition before Antietam, and again after Chancellorsville. Perhaps they extend recognition after Chancellorsville, but the Confederates still lose at Gettysburg. The...
  11. World Mapping

    No ACW: What happens when the 1861 French Intervention in Mexico occurs?

    Good day, people of this website. I have a TL in the works rn, and amongst its butterflies is the American Civil War being avoided, though I am trying to figure out the Mexican Intervention that happened the same year the ACW started. What would happen once the Second French Intervention in...
  12. World Mapping

    Effects on the US if there was a Franco-American War/Second Mexican-American War in 1865

    Hi y'all. I have a timeline in the works right now. TL;DR, earlier end to the ACW, and the US declares war on France and the "Second Mexican Empire", citing the Monroe Doctrine. I believe the US would be able to win that conflict, which is what I have in the canon as of now. How would a...
  13. the Imperium of Canada

    In the unlikely event of a late British entry into the American Civil War, could the United States unambiguously win?

    So most 1860s Third Anglo American War discussions and TLs usually go with a PoD in 1861 or 1862, such as the ever-popular Trent Affair escalates premise. Usually the conclusion reached is that the United States simply loses or is forced to make a separate peace with the British for a whole...
  14. World Mapping

    Franco-Austrian Alliance after a Confederate victory?

    Hello. I currently have my own Confederate victory timeline in the works. As of now, in regards to alliances and diplomacy, I've been using the typical "USA joins Central Powers" model, likely because my own timeline was inspired heavily by TL-191, and came into being because of my desire to...
  15. Kalga

    DBWI: What if the American Civil War wasn't about state's rights?

    So as we all know the rather misnamed American Civil War, which almost led to the disintegration of the American Republic (though even then it's arguable that's also a misnomer, the structure being closer to a confederation) from which it did not really recover until the latter half of the 20th...
  16. World Mapping

    Philadelphia as the capital of the US after a Confederate victory in the ACW

    Let's say that the Confederates win the American Civil War in the fall of 1862, and postwar, the US gov't relocates to Philadelphia, due to D.C. now being on the border. How does this impact the development of Philadelphia, now the administrative capital of the United States?
  17. World Mapping

    If the Confederacy won the American Civil War, would there really be a round two, and if so, who would be the winner?

    If the Confederacy won the American Civil War, would there really be a round two, and if so, who would be the winner?
  18. the Imperium of Canada

    How revanchist is the United States likely to get after a crushing Confederate Victory via British intervention?

    Let's just go with the classic Trent Affair escalates PoD that leads to Britain going to war against the United States, which predictably goes rather badly for America, dragging on until 1864 and ends with Washington forced to recognize the independence of the Confederacy (which gets the Arizona...
  19. WI: East Tennessee becomes its own state during the ACW

    While Tennessee joined the Confederacy in 1861 (the last state to officially secede from the Union, in fact), the region of East Tennessee remained a hotbed of pro-Union sentiment and most of the counties in the region voted against secession. What if East Tennessee had managed to become its own...
  20. AHC: Britain intervenes in the ACW on the Union's side

    Your challenge is to have Great Britain become a military ally or at least co-belligerent of the Union during the American Civil War.