2nd american civil war

  1. Second American Civil War 1930s Discussion Original Title: Foreign Involvement in a Second American Civil War(1930s)

    I have found that my question didn’t have enough context to work with so until me and the boys(the community) figure this out, we are discussing different TLs and possible new TLs. Original text: After all my research I’ve done it seems a bit of a stretch that a war could break out. But let’s...
  2. TheDoofusUser

    Who would lead the American Fascists in an American Civil War

    So I'm starting to write a TL where the PoD is WRH wins his 1906 Gubernatorial Election in NY and then later becomes President, serving two terms from 1913-1921 and keeping the US truly neutral, which sees Germany have some minor gains from French Africa and French Europe as well as the Belgian...
  3. TheDoofusUser

    AHC - Second/Actual American Civil War in 1968

    One cannot deny that the year 1968 election was a horrible year for the United States, with Vietnam at its height, the assassinations of Robert Francis Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., the multitude of Race riots across the country combined with anti-war protests, the disaster that was the...
  4. Kaiserreich (Prelude to the 2nd Weltkrieg)

    This thread is dedicated to Kaiserreich however this is only dedicated to the Prelude of the 2nd Weltkrieg. This thread is about sttories of common soldiers, the situation in the ground and diaries of famous leaders like Winston Churchill, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Huey Long and other famous people but...
  5. Ryker of Terra

    Japanese expansion during American civil war

    So first of all, hello everyone. This is my first post after making my account over half a year ago and lurking for many years before that. Good to be here. Now, I've been wondering about the full potential for Japanese expansion if they have a free (or freer) hand in the Pacific. The scenario...
  6. Last Days of the USA: A Collaborative Timeline

    Last Days of the United States of America (Plausibility may be questionable. I know.) Theme song: I wanted to do something interesting. I wanted to see the stories of ordinary people in the last days of the United States of America and beyond; I wanted to know how the collapse affected...
  7. Vylon Disigma

    AHC: Union Civil War?

    After being defeated by the south(and allies) could another Civil War break out in the Union? if so, How? I suppose the military might try a coup if politics went in a direction they really didn't like.