1. Gillan1220

    What if Joseph Kony was captured before December 31, 2012?

    Invisible Children, Inc. aimed to have Kony captured before 2012 would end. Obviously that failed. But what if that actually succeeded? What would happen next?
  2. kasumigenx

    H1N1 2011

    "Before Christmas of 2011 a Virus would spread, a strain of Swine Flu would spread, killing important people and important figures, leaders, kings and actors in the world, the world would completely recover in 2014 but the destruction would be irreversible." ~Anonymous note This is a...
  3. kasumigenx


    delete nevermind.
  4. SunKing105

    WI: 2012 solar flare strikes Earth?

    On July 23, 2012, a major coronal mass ejection, on the scale of the Carrington event a century and a half prior, occurred. Unlike the event in 1859, it narrowly missed the Earth by about a week, hitting a spacecraft instead. Estimates have been made that it would take trillions of dollars to...
  5. ComradeLenin22

    President Romney (WIP)

    President Mitt Romney 2013-2021 On November 6th, 2012 Republican Nominee Mitt Romney won the Presidential election over Barack Obama. Romney won the election with 272 electoral votes, and picked up crucial states like Ohio, Nevada, Virginia, and Florida. At around 1:20 A.M. President Obama...
  6. Kerguelen

    WI: The 2012 Solar Superstorm Hits Earth

    During July 23rd, 2012, a massive coronal mass ejection (CME) from the Sun was one week away from hitting the Earth. But let's say that the event happened during July 16th instead and it ends up becoming another Carrington Event. The Superstorm hits and entire power grids get knocked out, along...
  7. AstroRangerBeans

    Photos from 2012, The Movie

    I’m figured out that should be good as scenario as what we come up to show some visuals for: San Francisco, damaged by the intensity of devastating 10.9 magnitude earthquake since much of the west coast affected by the same effect.
  8. Calcaterra

    How Could Mitt Romney Have Won in 2012?

    Just as the tin says. I would like to know ways for Mitt Romney to win the 2012 Election, preferably other than the usual "avoid the 47% comment" or the such. Extra points for a POD within two months of the election.
  9. Iceyflames

    Ron Paul, American President

    This is the story of the 45th United States President, Ronald Ernest Paul (2013-2017). Known by many as the figurehead of the Libertarian movement and godfather of the Tea Party, he was considered by many a longshot for the Presidential nomination and for winning the Presidency against then...
  10. Chapman

    WI: Obama/Clinton 2008?

    The 2008 Democratic Primary was, by and large, a bitter fight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the nomination. Ultimately, Obama won out, and eventually became President. IOTL, Clinton was obviously considered a serious contender for the VP slot, yet was apparently never even vetted...
  11. Chapman

    AHC: President Herman Cain

    IOTL, Herman Cain ran for President in both the 2000 and 2012 Elections. His campaigns never saw great success, and he withdrew from the Republican primaries in both cases. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to have Cain become President at some point. Whether he wins one of the...
  12. AHC: Failed Obamacare & no stimulus - guaranteed Romney 2012?

    Hey, first post in a few months. I'm fully aware that there are a million Romney 2012 threads on this board, but I'm curious what a few fresh eyes might have to say about this particular scenario. Let's say the 2009 economic stimulus package fails to pass in Congress (perhaps leading Obama to...
  13. Prussian1871

    WI: Brown wins slim majority in 2007, how does 2012 go?

    As it says on the tin, what would happen if five years later Brown went to the polls in 2007 and won a fourth consecutive yet slim Labour victory? Brown would face the blunt of being the party of government for 15 years, having a recession under his leadership, with a sure defeat come 2012. Just...
  14. WI: General Shafik defeats Morsi in 2012 Egyptian Presidental Election

    The Egyptian Presidental Run-off Election was determined by razor thin margins (51-48%), with Islamist candidate Morsi prevailing over Shafik, a military general who was considered part of the old guard. What if Shafik had been able to win the nation's elections and become President?
  15. Sasalele

    AHC/WI: Romney elected POTUS in 2012

    How could Mitt Romney realistically win the 2012 Presidential Election and how would his administration play out? Would the 2014 Senate and House elections still be a sweep by Republicans? How would Romney handle Syria and Russia? What would Romney do on healthcare? How much can he get done with...
  16. Jaguars4life

    Believe in America, A Mitt Romney 2012 collab timeline

    POD: Romney never makes the 47% comment or mentions about Russia being a threat and Romney performs in the debate just like he did in the first one OTL. And Ryan out performs Biden in the VP debate. November 6th 2012: Mitt Romney narrowly beats President Obama after a rise in polling toward...