1. Jaiken

    Nintendo’s Midway Direction - A Nintendo and Midway Timeline

    Hello, Jaiken here with another timeline for you to sink your teeth into. This one is based on my very first timeline where Nintendo acquired Midway in 2001; however, that timeline was not up to snuff and I am redoing it. Without further ado let us begin. The year is 2008 and it is December...
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger elected President in 2008

    POD: The 'natural-born' clause is eliminated sometime in the 1970s so that Kissinger can run for President, although he doesn't get nominated in any event. In 2000, Gore wins against Bush. He is re-elected against Forbes/Alexander/Kasich etc. in 2004. Come 2008, Schwarzenegger is nominated for...
  3. So Help Me, Operating Thetan: Tom Cruise elected first Scientologist POTUS in 2008

    Inspired by President Schwarzenegger scenarios and President Trump in OTL. In 2004, Carol Moseley Braun decides to run for her old Senate seat and wins instead of Obama. In 2005, HRC dies in a plane accident. Thinking that the thinning Democratic field is a sign from the Operating Thetan, David...
  4. Miracle Man - A Jesse Ventura Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1- 'Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat'.

    Part 1- 'Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat'. 'Jesse we all know what we want. The ice cream man wants to sell ice creams, the baker wants to bake cakes, I want to be a senator, and you want to be President. We may all want these things but, but not everyone is going to get what...
  5. The_Russian

    WI: John Kerry Won 2004?

    As the title says, what happens if John Kerry won 2004? Nothing else in the election changes other than Kerry gets more votes in Ohio to beat out Bush. Say maybe it’s a reverse of 2000 where instead of Florida being very narrowly won by Bush in 2000, in 2004 Ohio is very narrowly won by Kerry...
  6. HaroldGodwinson

    President Herman Cain

    In tribute to the passing of Herman Cain, I present this story of how Herman Cain might have become America's 1st Black President. POD: Herman Cain is persuaded to run for Senate in Nebraska in 1996. 1995: Herman Cain announces his candidacy for U.S. Senate in Nebraska. 1996: Cain narrowly...
  7. Iceyflames

    WI: McCain never runs 2008

    So I just got thinking, what if John McCain had never ran in 2008? Who'd run as the Republican nominee and could they win against Obama?
  8. How could the 2008 Recession be delayed?

    So yeah, here's an interesting question. How could the 2008 recession be delayed? Like, as an example, if Kerry won in 2008, could he reverse the tax cuts or do something to delay the 2008 recession? I'm curious since the when of the recession occuring would have differing political...
  9. dbakes994

    AHC: Country Gets The Disco Treatment

    Disco, as it has been noted time and time again, got its reputation from the backlash in the late 70s. The Disco Demolition Night in 1979 was not only the crown jewel of this mentality but also a sign of changes in American cultural and political discourse, with all that it implies. The point...
  10. Nightingale

    AHC: Have TARP rejected in 2008

    As the title says, have TARP fail to pass in the House and Senate in 2008.
  11. Chapman

    WI: Bernie Sanders Runs in 2008?

    This may have been asked before, but honestly, i'm too lazy to search for it. So, just as it says in the title; What if Bernie Sanders ran his first Presidential campaign in 2008? Assuming he ran as a Democrat, as he did in 2016, what impact would his presence have on the race? Would he have...
  12. 2008 Bailouts Delayed?

    What if the infamous bank bailous of 2008 were delayed? Basically, Bush and the Repubs couldn't get their act together and it was up to the Obama Administration? Would they do it differently? Would they get the FDIC and SEC on the banks?
  13. WI worst 2008 recession

    i just wonder could the 2008 recession be any worse? if yes, what would happen after it
  14. Chapman

    WI: Obama/Clinton 2008?

    The 2008 Democratic Primary was, by and large, a bitter fight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the nomination. Ultimately, Obama won out, and eventually became President. IOTL, Clinton was obviously considered a serious contender for the VP slot, yet was apparently never even vetted...
  15. Chapman

    WI 2008 Election: Cain v. Obama?

    Inspired by the thread I made the other day about a possible Herman Cain Presidency, I wonder: What if the 2008 Election had been between Barack Obama, on the Democratic ticket, and Herman Cain, on the Republican ticket? Would Cain be able to win, or would George W. Bush's eight years in office...
  16. Chapman

    AHC: President Herman Cain

    IOTL, Herman Cain ran for President in both the 2000 and 2012 Elections. His campaigns never saw great success, and he withdrew from the Republican primaries in both cases. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to have Cain become President at some point. Whether he wins one of the...
  17. WI Liberal-NDP coalition formed in 2008

    What if after the 2008 Canadian election, a coalition government was successfully formed between the Liberals and the NDP, with the support of the Bloc Quebecois, as was attempted, and the Harper government was overthrown? A PoD for this could be that Governor-General Michaelle Jean does not let...
  18. SanMan64

    Maverick Victorious - A McCain 2008 TL

    Maverick Victorious - A McCain 2008 TL Senator John McCain (R-AZ) addresses the 2008 Republican National Convention upon accepting the party's nomination for President of the United States November 5, 2008, 12:00 AM EST - The last states on the west coast were being called by most major...
  19. DBWI: Medvedev wins 2008 russian elections.

    After the Presidency of Vladimir Putin, in the 2008 Presidential elections United Russia's candidate and unofficial successor Dmitri Medvedev lost in a very close election against Union of Right Candidate: Boris Nemstov. This led to an uncomfortable cohabitation (as Putin became Prime Minister)...
  20. Jaguars4life

    AHC:Make John McCain president in 2008

    Elect John McCain as president in 2008 as realistic as possible. 3. 2. 1. Go!!