1. Bojinka: The Attacks That Reshaped The World
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    Bojinka: The Attacks That Reshaped The World By: Joseph Morris Foreword: On December 25th, 1991, the Soviet Union would cease to exist. Across the world, this change signaled a trend that many had predicted for the last few years. The global tumult commonly known as the ‘Cold War’ was finally...
  2. JCC the Alt Historian

    Of Mice and Swans: An Alternate Timeline of the Animation Industry from the late 1980s and beyond
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    Hello, this is @JCC the Alt Historian here starting my first ever timeline. Over the past four years I've been on alternatehistory.com, I've encountered and read many timelines. Some of the ones I have been the most interested with are the pop culture timelines. Various alternate timelines...
  3. Test thread. What if Mario Cuomo ran for President in 1992 and won?

    Mario Cuomo was a favorite among the democrats in 1992. Noted for his Liberal positions, he was courted to run for President but he waited until October to make a final decision because of a budget battle and missed the deadline to file for candidancy in New Hampshire. SO my question is what if...
  4. AHC: Describe the effects on the U.S. social atmosphere over the past 43 years if President Ronald Reagan had been assassinated.

    What effects on pop culture, economics, and others would there be if President Reagan had been assassinated? - How would Higher Education, Social Services, and Disability rights (including autistic rights and advocacy) evolve without Reagan’s influence? - How would American Healthcare and...
  5. 1999: The Year All Hell Broke Loose (REDUX)
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    Over two years ago, I started a timeline on this site called "1999: The Year All Hell Broke Loose". I was primarily inspired for it after reading several other "chaotic year" TLs such as @Mad Bad Rabbit's A Very Bad Year (1973) and @Osakadave's Some Very Bad Years (1989 and beyond), as well as...
  6. KPyall

    A Man Can Dream: Yet Another Indrema TL
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    A Man Can Dream: Yet Another Collaborative Timeline About Indrema from an underdog to a big dog Introduction Oh, hello. KP here. This is the third Indrema Revolution thing I’ve posted. I’ve retconned many things by this point. I’ll start from scratch, with an earlier Indrema getting some...
  7. Texas Bulldog

    What Now? - The Question that Defined A Generation
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    At long last. It is finally over. The year is 1992. It has been 45 years since the Nazi banner flew over the Kremlin. From Narvik to Trieste, from the Pyrenees to the Urals, Europe is free. In France, Poland, and Ukraine, partisans lay down their arms. Jubilation overflows the streets. In the...
  8. Višeslav

    HW Bush second term foreign policy?

    So, let's say George HW Bush gets a second term in 1992. A lot of interesting foreign policy decisions had to be made by the US in Clinton's first term, how might Bush Sr. a much more experienced foreign policy leader handle them? How would this effect the world? The big issues...
  9. Jay_Maxu

    An Alternate Format War for DVDs?

    In home video, most everyone knows about the tape format war between VHS and Betamax, and to a lesser extent, between Blu-ray and HD DVD. But in the mid-'90s, there could potentially have been one over digital video disc formats. The two main groups, which both called their formats a DVD...
  10. Nell_Lucifer

    Chances of Buran living on?

    I am aware that the most obvious chance would be a continuation of the Soviet Union or a better economy in post-Soviet Ukraine and Russia. The first scenario being explored by Nixonhead in his story with only 2 Burans flying. However, I am more interested in any future the Buran (all 5 vehicles)...
  11. ParasaurEwan

    AHC: A plausible timeline to leave all post-1985 Anglophone Pop culture unrecognizable

    Basically, the challenge is, without Political Dystopia or Nuclear war, have a timeline which, by an alternate 2023, most American Pop Culture in the last 35 years we know doesn't exist, with a POD after the year 1985. The doesn't need to be from pop culture.
  12. Crisis in the Kremlin - Our 1988 USSR
    Threadmarks: Chapter Twenty Two: The Moscow Summit and Andreeva's debut (January 1988 - August 1988)

    Chapter Twenty Two: The Moscow Summit and Andreeva's debut (January 1988 - August 1988) In May 1988 a major change occurred at the one of the highest levels of Soviet politics, although with little real effect. Second General Secretary Dinmukhamed Kunaev finally left his post, following on from...
  13. KPyall

    [OLD] The Indrema Revolution [REVAMPED] - An Alternate History of Indrema, Pop Culture, and Gaming
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    This TL is no longer being worked on. The revolution continues here... The Indrema Revolution [REVAMPED] by KPyall (and other contributors) Welcome back to the Indrema Revolution! I wanted to try this again, but I'll try to avoid the pitfalls of the original story. The idea for this started...
  14. KPyall

    (OLD) The Indrema Revolution - An Alternate History of Indrema
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    NOTE: This version of the TL is no longer being worked on. Check out the new version here: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/the-indrema-revolution-revamped-an-alternate-history-of-indrema.547990/ The Indrema Revolution by KPyall Howdy, the name's KP! This is my first timeline...
  15. Out of the Blue: History of the Apollo Program
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Intro

    Part 1 Intro November 12, 1980 Kennedy Space Center, Florida Launch of Apollo 40 Crew: John Young-CDR Francis "Dick" Scobee-CMP Anna Fisher-MEMP Three Astronauts, donned in their space suits step inside a Command Module. It was the launch of the 37th Manned Apollo Mission and it was about...
  16. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : Worse 90s, Dystopic 2000s

    So the 1990s up to 2008 was, while not perfect (considering Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, 9/11, Sudan, Rwanda, Chechnya, the failed August coup, etc, etc), it was better than it really should've been all things considered, especially with the break up of the Soviet Union involved. So, with a...
  17. JCC the Alt Historian

    WI: Gary Glitter rats out Jimmy Savile and others following his arrest in the late 90s

    I got inspired to ask this after seeing @TheDetailer 's Golden: A Pop Culture Timeline Let's say that back in the late 1990s after British rock star Gary Glitter gets arrested for having CP on his computer, he ends up revealing to the authorities that there are other major sexual predators in...
  18. Martin lancaster

    What if the August Coup turned into a Civil War?

    How long would this civil war last?
  19. Vladyslav

    The Rise and Fall of the Vlasov's Russia: The last years of the Soviet Union without Boris Yeltsin

    Disclaimer: The text is based on an edited Google translation, so if you see errors anywhere, please let me know. And so, I decided to write a TL about the absence of Yeltsin. The specific PoD that led to Boris Yeltsin not becoming a political leader in the late 1980s is not particularly...
  20. Brazilian WI: Brizola supports Collor's impeachment from the get go?

    One of the Brazilian left's main standard bearers during the second half of the 20th century, Leonel Brizola saw his prestige slowly fade after the end of the 1964-85 dictatorship, thanks to the rise of Lula and the Workers' Party as a political force. While his decline as a national figure was...