1. LouisTheGreyFox

    War between Pinochet's Chile and a British Argentina in the 80s.

    Bear in mind this Argentina (and Uruguay also included) was basically taken over by Britain during Napoleonic War and it ended up becoming part of the British Empire afterwards. I am not looking for answers on how it be realistic for it to happen. Basically instead of a Falklands War in 1982...
  2. Michel Van

    Feasibility study: can Belgium provoke a world financial crisis in 1982 ?

    In 1970s Belgium face Economic crisis and political problems that increased there national debts 1982 they faced national bankruptcy like Greece in 2008 They manage to prevent this with brutal tax rase and other actions. But what if Belgium goes into national bankruptcy ? Would the bankrupt...
  3. HMS EAGLE in the Falklands
    Threadmarks: Whitehall 31st March 1982

    31st March 1982 Whitehall Pausing only to make a quick phone call to get a quick update on the disposition and readiness of his fleet and having found the defence secretary not in his office but at an emergency meeting to discuss the imminent invasion the fully and glitteringly bemedaled...
  4. Defeatisnotanoption

    First Blood in real life?

    What if the events of 1982's First Blood (Based on the book by David Morrell) did in fact take place, in the late 70s or early 80s, a former Green Beret and CMOH winner was harassed by local police in a small Oregon town and snapped, leading local and state police alongside the National Guard on...
  5. Electric Monk

    1982 Midterms Flip the Senate to Democratic control

    By my count there are five and a half winnable Senate races. The scenario is simple: with the economy doing worse and/or a big Reagan screw-up of whatever sort, Reagan tumbles to his OTL January 1983 low of 35% a few months earlier ITTL during early November right at the 1982 midterms. This is...
  6. Electric Monk

    D.C. Voting Rights Amendment ratified ~1982: who runs for Congress?

    We could plausibly do 1984 or 1980/1986, but 1982 adds the Mayoral race for fun and seems like a reasonable date. I'm not too worried about a specific scenario as to why it passes, but a plausible example timeline could centre on a more effective Democratic President who also gets luckier than...