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  1. 1973 Korean War

    I don’t know where I would find this so sorry I don’t have a good source for the event. But according (some guy) during his time in Korea with the US military. South Korean I Corps commander had had enough of the provocation and prepared to march north. Without telling anybody. As you know...
  2. The Clown Prince's Thorned Crown- A 1970s Pop Culture Timeline

    Prologue- The 1970s were filled with many groundbreaking voices, and many of them went to do great work in their respective fields. The entertainment industry was no different. By the time that it concluded, arguably more transformations had happened in Hollywood over the past decade, than...
  3. WI: Israel proceeded with “nuclear demonstrations” during the 1973 Yom Kippur War?

    Read title. For the uninformed, Israel was doing really badly during the opening stages of the Yom Kippur War of 1973 (henceforth abbreviated to YKW). In the Sinai, the Bar-Lev line failed to hold back the Egyptian onslaught and the common availability of man-portable AT weapons buttfucked...
  4. The New Archies, a TGA supplement
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    You haven’t done this in a while! I know. I know. But now I’m back haha. An Archie timeline? How does that work? Different comics? A TV show in the 70s. Based upon an actual TV pilot from ‘76. Is this based on anything? An Alternate Trek by lindseyman provided the idea for it. Any famous...
  5. DBWI: HM the Queen hadn't had a breakdown on national TV

    So, everyone remembers the kerfuffle that was the year of 1979, when Prince Philipp entered a coma after falling over a balcony in Buckingham (of which he would wake up only in 1988), the British Government and economy were in basically freefall (fromw what I understand, I'm not actually...
  6. Frank Hart

    AHC: Apartheid backfire

    With a PoD no earlier than 10th April, 1978, have at least two Apartheid-era bantustans survive into the present day, while white rule Apartheid still ends in the 1990s. A twist here is that the post-Apartheid government must create a counter-bantustan for the Afrikaners (as punishment for...
  7. Ivoshafen

    Graveyard to Garden - A Royalist Afghan/Late Cold War TL
    Threadmarks: [POD] Chapter Zero - Inaction

    Graveyard to Garden - A Royalist Afghan/Late Cold War TL [POD] Chapter Zero - Inaction July 1973, Afghanistan There was one thing to be laid up in bed with lumbago, sore, when you worked a standard nine to five job that you clocked out of at the end of the day, but it was entirely a...
  8. Sirion

    Richard Nixon Never Resigns?

    What would happen if Richard Nixon never resigned following the Watergate scandal? What would happen following his impeachment, or even beforehand? What would the long-term effects be, both domestically and globally? Would Nixon try to hold onto power for as long as he could?
  9. Tom McCall and the Third Force

    Crossposting this from SLP as there's a greater number of folks interested in American politics over here. I just finished reading Oregon governor Tom McCall's TOM McCALL: MAVERICK, a bombastically titled memoir in which he touches on his Watergate-era plans for a "Third Force" in American...
  10. GauchoBadger

    International ramifications of no Watergate Scandal?

    Assuming that the Watergate scandal never happens, how would US foreign policy develop from there? How would Nixon's second term go in regards to this issue? What are the overall ramifications over the Cold War?
  11. Hubert Humphrey Fan 1968

    The Robert Stanfield Revolution: A Canadian Politics TL
    Threadmarks: Canadian Federal Election, 1974

    The 1974 Canadian Election would be held up in the future as a prime example of a party losing an election through sheer arrogance. Incumbent Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau had willingly let his minority government collapse in the hopes of winning a majority. And there was indeed a majority...