1. When has History "gone wrong" in securing a more progressive "Space Future" by our times? How could the present day be more advanced?

    For example in OTL, the 1960s saw huge advancements in both technological and social arenas, which made things like the Moon Landing and Woodstock possible. The early 70s were okay-ish, but later things started getting worse and the last progressive product of this rapidly advancing...
  2. A Nixed Result: a 60s Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: 1960 Election and the Nixed Result

    After a long a tumultuous campaign season, the 1960 election has finally come to a close. But the results are unlike anything anyone would've expected. In the aftermath of eight years of a popular Eisenhower administration, it seemed common sense that Vice President Richard Milhous Nixon would...
  3. DBWI: Apple Corps fizzles out

    In 1968, The Beatles, arguably the biggest and best band in history, set up their own record label/all purpose company Apple Corps (it pains me to admit I only now figured out the pun) as a vehicle for their own music and films and publishing and whatnot as well as allowing other artists a...
  4. It's Raining in Camelot: An Alternate 1964 Wikibox TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    It's Raining in Camelot: An Alternate 1964 Wikibox TL By Hydrons "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names." - John F. Kennedy It was December 1963, and president John F. Kennedy was seemingly on the fast track to an easy re-election. He had garnered a great deal of sympathy after...
  5. The Lethargic Lett

    Give Peace Another Chance: The Presidency of Eugene McCarthy
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Welcome to Give Peace Another Chance, the revised and updated version of the Turtledove-nominated Give Peace A Chance: The Presidency of Eugene McCarthy. Give Peace A Chance, my first timeline, started on May 23rd 2018. After about a year and a half of weekly posting (more or less), the timeline...
  6. Frank Hart

    DBWI: Operation Northwoods Rejected by President Kennedy

    So, we all know what happened from 1962 to 1969. The JFK administration wanted to discredit Castro's Cuba, and used Operation Northwoods as a false flag operation, staging multiple terrorist attacks and aircraft shootdowns in Florida, and sinking boats full of Cuban refugees throughout 1962...
  7. Following through with Retrofuturism

    Retrofuturism, how we thought the world would look in the future, back in the 1950s. It's very good looking, and if you look at some of the posters you might want to have followed through with it. However, we never followed through, maybe due to very high expectations for the time, which is very...
  8. Auran

    The Soft Machine Rigmarole - A Soft Machine Timeline
    Threadmarks: 1967: Shooting at the Moon

    1967: Shooting at the Moon The Soft Machine, 1967 The year is 1967. Psychedelia is in full swing, The Beatles had begun working on their masterwork album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the clubs are a hotspot for acts providing a new sound for this new youth culture. Among the...
  9. AltoRegnant

    DBWI: LBJ Escalates Vietnam?

    Otl, Lyndon B. Johnson didn't escalate military measures in Vietnam, favoring to negotiate with Ho Chi Minh. He opted for a second referendum, and that if the south voted to unite with the north, he wouldn't stop Ho, so long as those who wished to, had a year to leave. He focused on the...
  10. Red Wave: A World Bathed in Crimson
    Threadmarks: Foreword

    Hello everyone, this is my first TL here, so please go easy on me. Red Wave: A World Bathed in Crimson asks the question, "What if the Soviet Union 'won' the Cold War?" Yes, I am aware that TLs that take place during the Cold War are a bit overdone here, but this period of history is my area...
  11. Nixon's Legacy If He Lost in Both 1960 and 1968

    Nixon's victory in the 1968 US Presidential election is known as one of the great comebacks in American political history: after narrowly losing to JFK in 1960 and being humiliated by Pat Brown in 1962, Nixon defeated Hubert Humphrey and became the 37th US President. But Nixon won only narrowly...
  12. DBWI: Richard Nixon Debates John Kennedy

    In 1960, Senator John Kennedy challenged Vice-President Richard Nixon to debate him. However, on the advice of President Eisenhower Nixon declined. What if Nixon and Kennedy had debated in 1960?
  13. DBWI: RFK Runs in 1968

    Following his brother Ted's advice, RDK decided not to run for President in 1968. Instead he endorsed Eugene McCarthy after the New Hampshire primary. In his autobiography, Ted Kennedy said that the endorsement happened only after a crucial meeting with McCarthy, who agreed to support RFK's...
  14. DBWI: Rockefeller Gets a Divorce in 1962

    In 1962 Nelson Rockefeller seriously considered divorcing his wife Mary in order to marry Margaretta Fitler. But he was talked out of it by friends and political allies who warned him it could cost him the Presidency. But what if Rockefeller had put love over politics and divorced his wife?
  15. DBWI: Nixon Beats Kennedy in 1968

    After surviving an assassination attempt, RFK beat the odds and won the 1968 Democratic Presidential nomination. While Nixon had an early polling lead, Kennedy ultimately beat him by a narrow margin. What if Nixon had won instead? How might he have handled Vietnam and the problems of the 1970s...
  16. WI: LBJ Withdraws Before the 1968 Primaries

    By 1967, LBJ didn't want to run for a second term. He was growing increasingly unpopular, his Great Society programs were stalling in Congress, and his health was on the decline. So he planned on announcing he would step down in his 1968 State of the Union Address. But he didn't want to be a...
  17. mspence

    Different Drummer: Pete Best Joins The Stones

    Just an idea I had as I always felt kind of sorry for the bloke. WI he joined the Rolling Stones instead?
  18. WI: RFK Endorses McCarthy in 1968

    What if, instead of running for President himself, RFK decides to endorse Eugene McCarthy in the 1968 Democratic primaries? Who wins the 1968 Democratic nomination and ultimately the general election? Assuming that RFK's assassination is butterflied, how does his career pan out from 1968?
  19. DBWI: Rate Hubert Humphrey as a President

    Hubert Humphrey served as the 37th US President from 1969 to 1973. Your challenge is to evaluate Humphrey's administration. Was Humphrey a good or bad President? Was he somewhere in the middle?
  20. WI: Malcolm X Lives

    What if Malcolm X had never been assassinated in 1965, and had instead lived to continue his work as a civil rights activist?