1. Nixon wins in 1960 and 1964: Democratic nominee in 1968?

    There are several threads about 1960 Nixon victory against JFK and its consequences, but I haven't seen any about potential democratic president after Nixon. Ok, let's say that Nixon victory in 1960 leads to the successful US invasion of Cuba instead of IRL Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile...
  2. Bull_Moose

    Camelot Endures: An Alternative Look at the 1960s and Beyond
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    Introduction Hey everyone! I’m a big fan of this site and have been a long-time observer. I’ve wanted to do a timeline for quite some time. I’ve finally decided to take a crack at it and hope for the best! Before I begin, a little about me. I am a third-year university student and long-time...
  3. Joseph Weaver

    Camelot Is Just A Fantasy: An alternate 1960s and beyond
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    You know the 1960s is one of my favorite decades, so much tragedy and triumph in one decade from the assassination of Kennedy and Vietnam to the Civil Right movement and the Moon Landings. Of course, this all got me thinking what if someone else was in charge instead of JFK or LBJ? I would like...
  4. mspence

    Successful French Coup

    WI the Algiers putsch had succeeded? What happens to De Gaulle, etc?
  5. WI: The Beatles died in 1964? (A Collaborative TL)

    (This is my first ATL, so I hope it turns out well) February 7th, 1964: While on their way to John F. Kennedy Airport, the Beatles' plane crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. There are no survivors reported. (Feel free to add whatever events or PODs you want, just as long as it's not ASB)
  6. WI: LBJ Duck Hooks Vietnam excluding the nuclear weapons and invades Ho Chi Minh Trail in 1964-65

    For context (got from Wikipedia) operation duck hook was a plan the nixon administration had thought of to end Vietnam which involved possible-nuclear bombing of military and economic targets in and around Hanoi, the mining of Haiphong harbor and other ports, saturation bombing of Hanoi and...
  7. the Imperium of Canada

    What would be the aftermath of a 1961 Axis Victory Nuclear War?

    Inspired by Cuban Missile Crisis escalates and Fatherland/Thousand Week Reich type Axis Victory TLs. So supposed that Germany gets incredibly lucky and pushes the Soviet Union passed the Urals by 1943, soon after somehow establishing a ceasefire with the Western Allies by 1944. The Allies have...
  8. Strong Voting Rights Act passed in 1961

    Let's say a strong voting rights act is passed by Kennedy or LBJ (because of early Kennedy killing) in 1961. How much of the political landscape does that change particularly in the south? Would the dixiecrats be able to use the threat of going third party or party switching since the black vote...
  9. K4Four

    Tanah Air : An Indonesian timeline
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    Tanah Air An Indonesian timeline Welcome to the Portal Page for the Tanah Air alternate timeline By Bakso Joko Widodo Coat of Arms of Indonesia Foreword The following timeline is my very first one the site. I’ve worked on it, drafted it stopped working on it, and finally, it reached a...
  10. Lafayette_

    Fighting Liberals: a TL
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    Fighting Liberals: A Tale of the Eastern Establishment, Rockefeller-Republicans, and Political Dynasties Hi, everyone! I have been a member of AlternateHistory.com for a few years now, but have never published a timeline of my own. I think it's a good time to rectify that. The idea for this...
  11. StarlightAxolotl

    Due Opposition - Capitulation Over Cuba
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    “...According to our sources, the Blockade on the Isle of Cuba is at and end. We will bring you more information as it comes in” News Coverage, October 30th “The Cuban Missile Crisis’ resolution precipitated a collapse of confidence that shook the Kennedy administration to its core…” Loch...
  12. Red Augustus: the Cultural Revolution as a global revolution

    RED AUGUSTUS: the Cultural Revolution as a global revolution timeline (Painting by Cheng Conglin) Raise high the great red flag of Mao Zedong Thought, unite the Party Central and Chairman Mao, and crush all kinds of restraints and subversive plots of revisionism; to eliminate resolutely...
  13. AHC - Hippies become the dominate political force in the USA during the late 60/early 70's

    How could the hippie/counterculture movement at least for a time become the dominate political force in US politics and secure the presidency? I'm thinking of a couple of different things. The collapse of the established political parties with both the democrats and the republicans...
  14. mspence

    Chinese Cultural Civil War

    WI the Cultural Revolution leads to civil war in China in the 1960's? How would this affect Vietnam, etc?
  15. JFK killed in 1960 instead of 1964

    Jeff Greenfield wrote a great book about some potential alternate histories and one was about if in 1960 a few weeks after winning the presidency Richard Pavlick who in real life almost killed president-elect Kennedy in a suicide bombing actually decided to go through with it and succeed. But...
  16. Gillan1220

    AHC: Drag the Vietnam War into the 1980s

    What it says in the tin. Just as long as the conflict in Afghanistan is today. What POD is needed and what will the butterflies be of the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s?
  17. prolemasses

    It's Just My Job: A different path for Apollo in the 1960s
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    It’s Just My Job April 28, 1962 NASA Administrator Hugh Dryden lazily looked over papers on his desk as he watched the TV and waited. An empty podium was on display. The speech that the President was about to give would define American spaceflight for the coming decade, and was the culmination...
  18. HammerofWar

    If Kennedy Lived by Jeff Greenfield

    Anybody else read this? I have the audiobook and Ive listened through it several times over the years. I feel the author gives it a good try and its entertaining but I think a little too optimistic. Too much goes right and too little wrong. Still worth a read (or listen) but thats my two cents.
  19. Aisha Clan-Clan

    WI: HHH becomes POTUS in 1965

    https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/hhh-becomes-potus-in-january-1965.26012/ Bringing back an OLD one. We don't see "what if LBJ dies in 1965" often. This one was quite interesting with Vietnam avoided and a quieter 1960s to 1970s in some ways. There's RFK, but he's portrayed as...
  20. RonaldReagram

    WI Contingent Election in 1960?

    Suppose that the 1960 presidential election goes further down the wire, and the Kennedy-Johnson ticket holds a plurality of the electoral and popular vote, but falls short of the magic number of 268 electors. Harry Byrd and his unpledged electors make known their demands regarding segregation...