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  1. RedKing

    A Reversal of Fates: A Timeline
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    A Reversal of Fates: A Timeline Late October 1497 was a busy time for Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain. Their only son and heir, John had recently married the Austrian Archduchess Margaret, who in the few months since their marriage was already pregnant with their first child. Isabella and...
  2. Destinatus [Volume I]
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    "With the blessing and guidance of the Lord himself, Harri Tudur, that plucky gallant Welshman whose blood is barely royal to that of the Sons of York, was destined to become King of England and Lord of Ireland, thus he had restored order and stability to the English realm on that very fateful...
  3. GameBawesome

    WI: Hideyoshi invades the Philippines?

    In OTL, Toyotomi Hideyoshi sent Japanese Armies to invaded Joseon Korea, to conquer Ming China in hopes of honoring his late Lord Oda Nobunaga's dream, and to cement the Toyotomi Clan's security (Or to get rid of a bunch of samurai, by having them invade Korea). The Imjin War was a disaster...
  4. Maximilian

    A Queen that Never Was: A Joanna of Castile TL
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    Tordesillas, Castile. 12 April 1555. Joanna of Castile groaned as she pulled herself up into a sitting position, pulling a letter from the sleeve of her night clothing and holding it in her wrinkled hand as she removed the paper from the envelope, tears forming in her eyes as she began to read...
  5. Frederick II of the HRE

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  6. Maximilian

    WI: Isabella of Burgundy's twins survive.

    Let's say that these two boys manage to live into old age while their brother John dies as OTL in 1532, what happens to them? Would they be raised in Lierre like their OTL siblings? Would they play an important part in Habsburg politics like their brother John was destined to and who would they...
  7. GameBawesome

    WI/AHC: Ming Dynasty revamps their Navy in the 16th Century

    Historically, during the 16th Century, the Ming Dynasty's Navy was very poor, which is ironic, as nearly a century ago, they had Treasure Fleets to show their supremacy. After that, their Navy went into decline. Sure, they Ming had naval victories against the Portuguese in the 1520s, and the...
  8. RedKing

    What if Henry VIII had been better prepared to be King?

    In our timeline, the Tudors experienced a slight crisis when Arthur Tudor died unexpectedly in 1502 and the unprepared Prince Henry, Duke of York became heir. Henry is believed to have been prepared for a church career. But what if Henry VII had better prepared Henry VIII to be King. Let's say...
  9. RedKing

    The Children of Camelot
    Threadmarks: Section 1: A Miracle

    "Early 1502, appeared as though it would be a sad year for all of England. The King and Queen, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York had lost their eldest son and heir, Arthur, Prince of Wales. Their son was only 15 years old and was the 'Great Tudor Hope'. Arthur's wife, whom he had only married 6...
  10. RedKing

    What if Catherine of Aragon died on her way to England in 1501?

    During Catherine of Aragon's journey to England in 1501, it was quite stormy and if I remember correctly she had to return back to Spain. So what if Catherine had been less lucky and during her journey to England she was shipwrecked and drowned? Who does Arthur marry now? How does Isabella of...
  11. RedKing

    What if Queen Elizabeth of York lived?

    For those who don't know Queen Elizabeth of York, eldest child of King Edward IV, wife of King Henry VII and Mother to King Henry VIII. She and Henry VII were in a loving marriage and were quite close. They had 4 children who survived infancy (though the eldest Arthur, tragically died at 15)...
  12. RedKing

    What if Margaret Douglas succeeded Mary I?

    Margaret Douglas, was the daughter of Princess Margaret Tudor and John Douglas, she is perhaps best remembered for being the Mother of Henry Darnley and Grandmother of King James VI and I, however, she was one of Queen Mary's favourites. Mary allegedly referred Douglas as the best person to...
  13. RedKing

    What if Queen Mary I married Reginald Pole?

    Reginald Pole, was an English Cardinal and the last legitimate male Yorkist heir. In 1553, when Queen Mary I took power the Church offered to release Reginald Pole from his vows so that he could marry Mary. Of course this never happened and Mary would marry Philip II of Spain, but what if Mary...
  14. RedKing

    What if Catherine of Aragon went along with Henry VIII's Divorce?

    A thought I had a while back, basically in otl Anne of Cleves went along with Henry VIII's will to divorce her and as such was given estates to live on and made an honorary member of the royal family. So I wondered what if Catherine of Aragon did the same? Acknowledging that their marriage was...
  15. RedKing

    What if the Catholic Monarchs and King Henry VII agreed Arthur and Catherine's marriage had been consummated?

    So in our world the general consensus of Arthur and Catherine's marriage was that it had not been consummated. But what if the consensus was it had been consummated? Obviously Catherine would return to Spain, but what about her dowry? Would it be kept by Henry VII? Who does Catherine marry to...
  16. RedKing

    What if Prince Edward Tudor lived/existed?

    Prince Edward Tudor, for does who don't know, is/was a (supposed?) son of King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth of York. He is believed to have been born in 1498. However his existence is disputed and some claim he was confused with Edmund Tudor while others say he was real but died young. So what...
  17. RedKing

    What if Philip I of Castile died in 1500?

    So earlier today I was reading isabella's excellent Juana, the Heretic Queen when I had the thought, what if shortly after the birth of the future Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, Philip died in 1500. Could Joanna, as Queen of Castile rule in her own right without all the allegations of being mad...
  18. RedKing

    A Second Wife, A Second Husband: A Tudor Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - The search for a second Husband

    Chapter 1 - The Search for a Second Wife Archduchess Margaret of Austria, the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian and the sister of Duke Philip Burgundy, would arrive in the Habsburg Netherlands in 1499 a widow. Margaret had been married to the heir to the Spanish...
  19. RedKing

    What Tudor centric timeline should I do?

    So recently I have put my current timeline, A True King Arthur into a semi-hiatus. I want to do another Tudor centric timeline but am unsure of which ideas to use so here are my two main ideas for a timeline and some other ones. You can vote for which one I do: Second Wife, Second Husband: Due...
  20. RedKing

    What if Queen Elizabeth married Henry Hastings?

    So for those who don't know, Henry Hastings was an English nobleman who was descendant from George Plantagenet, the brother of King Edward IV. Towards the end of his life he was considered as a potential successor to Queen Elizabeth. But what if in an alternate timeline the two ended up marrying...