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  1. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    .....good. Lodge continues to dig his own grave It's looking for the same sort of independence like cuba though, I'd assume.
  2. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    There is so much irony in this statement. But then you have to remember, the Tricky Dick Nixon in this TL is not quite the same...
  3. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    General Melchett i believe. But yes,.
  4. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    Decimation clearly works. French honor and Pride will win. Elan means victory. Those barbarian scum in Germany cannot beat that.
  5. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    I wonder if that is actually going to be the crucible... Austria-Hungary practically descends into Civil War as the Hungarian half of the empire wants to seek out its own Peace Terms. Ferdinand says no, and finds himself pretty much fighting a two-front war literally from both internal and...
  6. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    OOC: You do know he's being incredibly sarcastic, right? Excuse me, but let us not forget that Belgium has the great Stephane Clemente leading the glorious Belgians in their defiance against Germany tyranny. He's too much for Germany to handle.
  7. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    Well, it's not too far out there... kinda like Eamon deValera, the man with a Spanish name, born in the US, but became the president of Ireland Or even two Russian generals in WW1 having German names. Or Patrice deMacmahon, the French Marshal being of Scotch-irish stock.
  8. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    So, in other words, the Confederate Economy is actually the strongest economy on the planet right now because its immune to any foreign government defaults/crashes? 😁
  9. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    so.....odds of Denmark possibly entering the Scandinavian union?
  10. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    Christian X fled.... ....he fled?!??!? The Danish Monarch who in OTL, rode the streets of Copenhagen on a Horse, with no guards, in defiance of the Nazi occupation, has fled. Why..., no. Why?
  11. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    55 years under Raoul Salan.... ....then for some reason I remember that Charles de Gaulle is sleeping with the Empress. The ultimate Bonaparte Repatriation in 1977 is the bastard son of Charles De Gaulle and the Empress becoming King of France. LOL. Hungarian Hapsburg Kingdom possibly. I...
  12. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    Clearly Russia, like Germany, should become the ultimate shining beacon of democracy. Well, Constitutional Monarchical Democracy... lol.
  13. Wrapped in Flames: The Great American War and Beyond

    ....Oh lord. Daniel Sickles and Joe Hooker.
  14. Reconstruction: The Second American Revolution - The Sequel to Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid

    Alexander II did have another older son, Tsarevitch Nicholas, who unfortunately died in 1865 at the age of 18. He is pretty much a blank sleight, and some slight butterflies could possibly keep him alive...
  15. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    .....The germans are already about to break. Just one more push and France will be victorious. Nonsense, the French already proved that they are better than those failed confederates.... He'll make it to the end of the war if only to see Belgium get....well, crushed, for lack of a better word.
  16. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    huh? Well, that did make me laugh, that certainly went places.... Well,
  17. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    in ten days. But damn, when you think about it, the Germany Navy obliterating the Danish Navy will certainly scare her enemies, or at least a small jump...
  18. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    I think the Jutland Peninsula is about to burn....
  19. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    Wait a minute, but isn't the whole point of British intervention to safeguard Belgium is if they are invaded first, not if they invade/are the invader?? The British don't have to do squat if its the latter... Ah! Germany Uber Alles is a failure. Such defeatist attitude @Reisen Storm
  20. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    Odd question but is a reverse Franco-Belgian Schliefflen Attack plan into Germany possible, even for ironies sake. lol