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  1. King Nazar

    What would have happened if US foreign policy post-Cold War is dominated by China hawks

    A lot of countries wanted to open up to China not just the United States. If the US decides to be hawkish on China in the 90s, there is no guarantee that others nations will follow. It might end up with the US being locked out of China rather than China being isolated.
  2. King Nazar

    WI: 1911 trade reciprocity treaty between the U.S. and Canada is ratified?

    Western Canada would be developed a lot faster. Central Canadian industry would not be able to compete with American firms. Canada's move towards America's orbit would be accelerated and this may lead to an earlier Statute of Westminster.
  3. King Nazar

    The NextGen OTL Worlda Series

    The colony of Carolina's border went down to the Altamaha river.
  4. King Nazar

    The NextGen OTL Worlda Series

    Georgia was not British until 1732.
  5. King Nazar

    What if Humphrey won in 1968?

    It'd be a close election but I think 1968 Wallace voters would drift strongly towards Reagan and that will be what carries him to victory.
  6. King Nazar

    What if Humphrey won in 1968?

    There's also things like busing and the death penalty being halted by the Supreme Court which would help lead to a conservative backlash in 1972. That, combined with rising inflation, a shaky peace in Vietnam and domestic unrest would probably lead to Reagan defeating Humphrey in 72.
  7. King Nazar

    Impact of non-partitioned Vietnam post 1954

    Kennedy ran to Ike's right on the Cold War in 1960. "Losing" Vietnam would just be one more thing JFK uses as a talking point along with the "Missile Gap."
  8. King Nazar

    If Ford won in 1976, what would become of Bob and Elizabeth Dole?

    Assuming a Democrat wins in 1980, Bob Dole could be the Republican nominee in 1984.
  9. King Nazar

    If Gore won in 2000, what would become of Bush?

    It's possible his younger brother (Jeb!) runs and wins in 2004.
  10. King Nazar

    WI : Ted Kennedy presidency

    Long opposed the CRA and would be absolutely toxic on any national ticket. A better option if Kennedy wants a southerner would be Lloyd Bentsen.
  11. King Nazar

    WI : Ted Kennedy presidency

    Assuming he didn't get Mary Jo killed ITTL, he'd probably become Senate Majority Leader before running for President in 1976. As President, he'd have a much better relationship with Congress than Carter did and maybe he could deliver some kind of healthcare reform (At the very least it'd be...
  12. King Nazar

    Best Shot At A "Second Cleveland"

    Would he be allowed to run again in 1988?
  13. King Nazar

    Best Shot At A "Second Cleveland"

    Conspiracy theory people will love that. I'm sure some people will say that Ford was 'Deep Throat' and he was the one who brought Nixon down before arranging for Reagan to be killed.
  14. King Nazar

    If Dukakis won in 1988, who would the Republican candidates be in 1992?

    Bob Dole and Jack Kemp seem to be the most likely.
  15. King Nazar

    No War in Europe: Does Japan still launch the Pacific Campaign?

    Ichi-Go was a disaster for the KMT but their management of the economy post war was what destroyed public support for their government. Hyperinflation, corruption and desertion of troops from the KMT to the Communists all factored in to their collapse. Another possible outcome in this ATL is...
  16. King Nazar

    No War in Europe: Does Japan still launch the Pacific Campaign?

    War in China continues to be a stalemate but I think the longer the war goes, the Chinese Communists will become the main opposition to Japan in China rather than the KMT. The KMT because of their own incompetence and corruption will gradually lose support among the Chinese public. The Soviets...
  17. King Nazar

    Socialism in the USA south? There was the Readjuster Party in Virginia which I think could have lasted a lot longer and influenced politics across the South had the Jim Crow system not emerged.
  18. King Nazar

    Kuwait-Pakistan union?

    IIRC there was a proposal to merge Afghanistan with Pakistan in the 50s and 60s. Adding Kuwait into the mix might turn Pakistan into a kind of Islamic thalassocracy in the Indian ocean with Bangladesh and Kuwait being overseas territories.
  19. King Nazar

    What would be the global effects of a (somewhat) isolationist US after WW2?

    I think Britain and France might try and hold on to their empires a bit longer and be much closer together. Maybe they form a kind of EU on a UK-France axis rather than France-Germany.
  20. King Nazar

    Wendell Willkie as a Democrat

    There were a lot of people in the traditional Democratic party establishment that were ambivalent about the New Deal. President Roosevelt's own Vice President was among those kinds of Democrats and was considered a potential successor to Roosevelt had he not run in 1940.