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  1. Robert Gates becomes POTUS after 2009 Inauguration Day attack

    On Obama's first inauguration day, Robert Gates was the designated survivor (the cabinet member who is away from high-profile gatherings to ensure the line of succession is continued) for the event. What if something terrible happens (James G. Cummings setting off his dirty bomb, for example)...
  2. Friedrich Nietzsche remains lucid

    What would have happened if Friedrich Nietzsche had not suffered his mental collapse in January 1889? Given his health, how long could he have lived? Would he have made it into the 20th century? If so, what would have been his reaction to the First World War? What sort of butterflies does his...
  3. Stalin dies in 1945

    IOTL Stalin had a heart attack in October of 1945. What if that heart attack had killed him? How does this affect the Cold War? Germany still partitioned as OTL? Who is likely to succeed him?
  4. WI: Liberal Democrats get Single Transferable Vote (STV) Referendum in 2011

    What would happen if the Liberal Democrats get a larger share of the vote in 2010, and are able to negotiate from a stronger position so they get Single Transferable Vote (STV) put to a referendum rather than the OTL Alternative Vote (AV) referendum? Do the results differ at all? Is turnout higher?
  5. WI: Article 96 of Japanese Constitution Only Requires a Majority for Amendments

    IOTL a 2/3 vote of the Japanese Diet is required to put forth a constitutional amendment, which must then be approved by a referendum. As a result, no changes to the Constitution have been made since its adoption in 1947.
  6. Nazi/American Cold War Proxy Conflicts/Alignments

    Assume for the sake of argument that Nazi Germany defeats the USSR and gets very lucky (similar to the scenario in Fatherland), leading to them being in charge of the European continent. They negotiate a truce with the USA, and a Cold War of sorts begins. What sort of proxy wars and conflicts...
  7. Romanized Japanese

    Apparently there were some attempts to replace kanji with a Latin alphabet during the early Meiji Era, but they never caught on: What would it take for the Japanese language to be romanized in a...
  8. AHC: 2011 UK AV Vote Referendum Passes

    Bonus points if it's by a margin greater than 5%.
  9. AHC: Screw America over as bad as possible in the 1968 election

    Try to keep it plausible - George Wallace isn't getting elected, but he could do well enough to throw it to the House.
  10. My Friend Goo: An Alternate Alternate Rock TL

    COURTNEY LOVE DEAD OF HEROIN OVERDOSE 26 Sep 1993 AP: "...Love death's came just hours after Nirvana had finished an appearance on Saturday Night Live. According to police, Kurt Cobain called 911 after his wife became unresponsive during a late night drug session. Police would not comment on...
  11. How much of the USSR could the Nazis have conceivably held onto if they had won?

    Personally, I think they'd be hard-pressed to hold anything past the Ural Mountains. Vladivostok gives the Soviets a viable warm water port, and holding all of Eastern Europe plus some of Africa will likely stretch the Reich to its limit. Not to mention that even if Germany wins, Japan is...
  12. Kerry Wins Electoral College, Loses Popular Vote: Effect on EC?

    As it says on the tin; he takes Ohio but loses in the popular vote to Dubya. Will this create bipartisan sentiment on abolishing the Electoral College? Now both parties will have lost an election directly because of it.
  13. WI: 50/50 Electoral College Split in 2000

    Assume it happens in a way that makes Florida irrelevant (Bush wins it, but gets 269 because of New Hampshire or something). The House is GOP controlled, so he should be voted in. Does the Senate vote in Dick Cheney? Does the movement to abolish the electoral college pick up steam?
  14. Obama/Edwards 2008: Does McCain win?

    More specifically, does John Edwards' affair offset the unpopularity of Sarah Palin and give McCain enough of an edge to win?
  15. DBWI: A terrorist attack with airplanes?

    Now some of you younger members might not know about this, but in the autumn of 2001 there was a bit of controversy over a foiled terrorist attack that involved airline hijacking. Apparently these people intended to take control of these airplanes and fly them into various targets throughout the...
  16. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes II

    Three years ago I launched a very successful "Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes" thread. Now, the wikiboxes continue, with a second thread! :D From the original thread:
  17. AHC: Arianism wins out

    Is there any way to reverse the fortunes of Nicene Christianity and Arianism, and have the latter become the prevailing religious viewpoint of early Christians?
  18. Alternate Targets for 9/11

    What are some other buildings that could have been hit on September 11, as opposed to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? Ideas: -Capitol Building/White House (Flight 93 reaches its target) -Sears Tower -Golden Gate Bridge -US Bank Building -Mount Rushmore Any other ideas?
  19. AHC: Algeria in the Arab Spring

    I was always curious as to why Algeria was passed over in the Arab Spring. They're the only country in North Africa that's in more or less the same politically as they were in 2009. So, a challenge. Can you get Algeria to go the same way as its North African neighbors? Will it be a peaceful...
  20. How successful could Hideyoshi's invasion of Korea have been?

    At the close of Japan's Warring States period, Toyotomi Hideyoshi launched an invasion of Korea, but it failed after the Ming dynasty and the Joseon armies defeated them. Could this invasion have succeeded-and if so, could it have been expanded to Ming China? How would this have changed the...