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  1. DBWI: No Fugu Operation

    He wouldn't have had a choice, not when the Frogs still relied on that Dr. Strangelove meganuke of theirs buried in the Auvergne volcanoes. I doubt even McGovern would have bet the US and everyone else on the chance that Soviet FOBS could damage the system fast and hard enough to prevent the...
  2. DBWI: No Fugu Operation

    The nuking of the Oran Freiburg was less amusing, though.
  3. Donbass Apocalypse: A 2014 Nuclear War

    What. Since when is there a US base in French territory? And what are these 'NATO nukes' in Burgundy or in England? Who the hell made this map?!
  4. The Sun, The Stars and The Sickle: Alt-WWII and a Tripolar Postwar World

    This ship-talking makes me wonder what Willie Dee is going to do in this timeline.
  5. The Sun, The Stars and The Sickle: Alt-WWII and a Tripolar Postwar World

    I guess that you kinda pointed at one possible solution to at least one of the problems, that of design bureaus being overwhelmed: the experience sharing with the French might come a bit further, assuming that some of their design teams have been extracted, either before the invasion or...
  6. DBWI: Weaker European Union

    The EU as a superpower was inevitable once King Charles XI enshrined the European construction through the Council of Monarchs so soon after his coronation in Versailles back in 1958.
  7. A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    The French model for colonization never was like the British anyway, the French colonists integrating a lot more into the local system than the British ones, who tended to remain very distant. As indicated earlier, Félix Éboué's policies are something to look at, particularly as he could very...
  8. Fictional inventory of modern airforces

    Ouch, this is a pretty sad timeline.
  9. DBWI america doesnt purchase greenland

    Maybe the economy being better and Roosevelt more trusted with the public purse would have allowed him to still be POTUS when Japan attacked in February 42. Admiral Yamamoto's post-war memories are fascinating there, how they decided to delay a bit the strike as most of the US Navy had moved to...
  10. Feel the Bearn - A Timeline of France's Only Carrier in WWII and Beyond

    Wow. Talk about setting a terrifying precedent.
  11. Policies of a Monarchist France after 1900

    *rolls eyes* The differences aren't likely to be that big in terms of policies themselves, a French monarchy would know very, very well it needs to listen to the People. Some additional stability could lead to interesting results, but the changes wouldn't be THAT massive considering the...
  12. WI Britain never agrees to Masstricht treaty

    More seriously, though, the Suez Crisis was the final hammer in the coffin of any hope France or UK could have to be treated as equals to the largest economic/military powers. France went the way of the EU while UK has been oscillating between some sort of vassalization to the US (being...
  13. WI Britain never agrees to Masstricht treaty

    *rolls eyes* Can you try to be even more cliche? Oh, and, BTW, Napoleon Bonaparte was actually taller than the average at his time. As for the 'pickpocketing of Britain', that's a really amusing take on things, but I love to see the whole lot of us being compared to military conquerors as an...
  14. WI Britain never agrees to Masstricht treaty

    Ha ha, no. The Commonwealth left UK on its own, because UK was becoming irrelevant anyway and because the US simply barged in and took over UK's place with them. Canada was never going to be a massive trade partner with UK for long when its geographic position makes it a perfect partner for the...
  15. WI Britain never agrees to Masstricht treaty

    For the question at hand, the elements that applies to Brexit now would apply a few years earlier to UK. Less immediate economic shock to the country due to lower levels of integration, but very much the same end result in terms of being vassalized by larger economic groups due to being...
  16. WI Britain never agrees to Masstricht treaty

    Yep. And considering that googling these quotes don't show much outside British media and tabloids, who make a constant habit of peddling propaganda...
  17. WI Britain never agrees to Masstricht treaty

    Amusingly, these quotes come from British media. The most amusing thing is that it comes from the same media who are pretty much pushing hard for the solutions that involve the biggest losses of sovereignty, particularly when one looks at the trade deals the Brexiters want to negotiate with the...
  18. WI Britain never agrees to Masstricht treaty

    It's pretty much entirely counterfactual, based on propaganda and tabloids, usually fed by British politicians who love to blame the result of their own decisions on the EU.