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  1. British politics in a TL in which Hitler is assassinated in 1943

    Winning the war OTL didn't help Churchill & the Conservatives. My guess is that the blame will be laid at the feet of the pre-war National Government (overwhelmingly Conservative), and also the memories of pre-WW1. And there was no doubt who was Britain's war leader, with the number of...
  2. Is a successful 1918 Spring Offensive possible?

    Would add that a successful Spring Offensive in itself may not win the war: "The operation was a success. The patient died."
  3. Is a successful 1918 Spring Offensive possible?

    The Op asked about a successful Spring Offensive in 1918. Any POD prior to 21 March 1918 would change the conditions on that date - the strategic & tactical positions may vary, the front may well vary, and who says we will have a Spring Offensive, either at that time or never? Respectfully...
  4. Could Hungary have successfully defected in WWII?

    Romania defected. Slovakia too. Still ended up as Soviet puppets.
  5. Could the Entente navies have forced the Dardanelles?

    Yes, the navies could have forced the Dardanelles - and were on the point of doing so when they decided they couldn't - but could not move into the Sea of Marmara without ground support to: - Clear more batteries past the Narrows; Ensure that supplies to the fleet (coal, ammo, food) would not...
  6. British politics in a TL in which Hitler is assassinated in 1943

    The next General Election would not be held in 1945; the last General Election was in 1935, and the next had been due in 1940, but was postponed for obvious reasons. Certainly Labour called for an immediate cessation of the wartime coalition / national government in 1945 - and that with a...
  7. Delaunay's dream: A World Football Timeline

    I do love TL's where that great Dutch side gain the prize they deserved (twice).
  8. Malaya What If

    OK - I'll come clean - I'm a dreadnought floozie!
  9. Malaya What If

    Briggs (& Dundas) were, as you say, both on the compass platform, as per their evidence given at the Board of Enquiry in August 1941. Briggs testified that he could both see & hear the actions of the SGO, the Captain & the Admiral, and that Holland did not try to leave the bridge (and he uses...
  10. Malaya What If

    Holland deciding not to leave the ship when Hood blew up at Denmark Strait could be a similar example; Ted Briggs recalls him slumped despondently in his admiral's chair, making no move to join most of the evacuating bridge crew, with Captain Kerr standing alongside.
  11. Consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union for the Pacific War

    I have to disagree. OTL Monty in '44 was well aware that Britain's manpower resources were running low, which is one reason he tried an awful lot of expensive battles using armour rather than infantry. AA regiments were being disbanded and sent to France as undertrained infantrymen. Also...
  12. WI: Kühlmann's "Peace Kite" Flies, a Negotiated End to WWI in 1917?

    By the time the British had gained control of contiguous territories which could make Rhodes's dream a reality, the financial state of the British economy made it pretty much impossible to complete linking up the bits that did exist. And, to be honest, would it have made much difference. If we...
  13. Marineflieger Kommando: MFK - Hitlers Fleet Air Arm

    A rational senior member of the Kriegsmarine? Whatever next? Seriously, a well-thought out and written chapter.
  14. Delaunay's dream: A World Football Timeline

    Still remember the original 1972 game at Wembley, as it was one of very few matches to be televised live in the UK. This 9-year old was allowed up to watch it! (The seven -year-old me still remembers not being allowed to watch the 1970 FA Cup Replay between Chelsea & Leeds at Old Trafford...
  15. Alternate/What If Osprey Titles

    Texel: The Death Ride of the High Sea Fleet. The last, desperate and totally unnecessary final mission of the Kaiserliche Marine that resulted in the largest naval surface action in history; the most costly of days for the Royal Navy and United States Navy; and the sacrifice of the High Sea...
  16. Post 1905 Sanity Options For Czarist Russia

    Shoot Rasputin. Shoot Lenin. Shoot Rasputin again, just to be sure.
  17. What if Japan attacked the Dutch East Indies in 1936?

    Hmm... many reasonable folk reckon Yamamoto would have been hanged if he had survived on the basis of the execution of the survivors from USS Edsall, supposedly killed because the Combined Fleet took an age to sink their old destroyer.
  18. Marineflieger Kommando: MFK - Hitlers Fleet Air Arm

    Hope not - the troopship that brought my old man back from Korea was a former Nazi cruise ship (IIRC the Orantes).
  19. Would Asia/the world of the twentieth century have been better off if Japan lost the Russo-Japan War, was stalemated, or deterred from attacking?

    As a previous member has posted, Admiral Makarov & the Petropavlosk are not blown up by a mine. With the Japanese still losing two battleships to the same cause, and a commander who outshone Vitgeft, and who would stand up to the Viceroy, the Russians would have a well-led fleet that outnumbered...
  20. Without the Italo-Turkish War, does WWI still happen?

    The Great Powers expected "some damned thing in the Balkans" to spark a war that would drag in Austria-Hungary &/or Russia and then the rest... At some stage the Balkan League in some form or another would see Ottoman strength ebb away and seize their chance.