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  1. 2018 Presidential Election

    Friday May 3rd, 2024 Labour inflicts heavy local election defeats on Conservatives but fail to win West Suffolk by-election The Conservative's have suffered a string of defeats in the local elections in England and Wales which where held yesterday. Labour have so far won several of it's target...
  2. 2018 Presidential Election

    No one has announced yet.
  3. 2018 Presidential Election

    Friday April 19th, 2024 Martin Abbott comes under attack for saying "Ukraine is part of Russia" & says "UK and US behind false flag attack" Martin Abbott the leader of the Socialist Alliance has come under attack for suggesting during his appearance of the BBC's "Question Time" on Thursday...
  4. 2018 Presidential Election

    To those who laugh and say I have a time machine you might be right ;) Do you remember back last October in the story the Conservative MP for Fylde had the whip removed for misconduct, so guess what today the Conservative MP for Fylde has the whip removed for misconduct...
  5. 2018 Presidential Election

    Monday April 8th, 2024 First 2026 Presidential Nomination Polling We are twenty one months until voting starts in the 2026 presedntial campaign and it has been seventeen months since President Sam Seaborn's landslide re-election victory, as we head towards the midpoint between the end of the...
  6. 2018 Presidential Election

    Monday March 25th, 2024 Tom Wallace former Security Minister resigns leaving PM to face by-election Conservative MP Tom Wallace has resigned, setting up a by-election to replace him in his West Suffolk constituency. In a statement released today he said that he was taking a job "in the private...
  7. 2018 Presidential Election

    At the 1979 UK General Election in Preston North Conservative Robert Atkins defeated the Labour incumbent Ronald Atkins by 29 votes. (So R Atkins beat R Atkins).
  8. 2018 Presidential Election

    Monday March 4th, 2024 Scottish Greens confirm historic split As expected over the weekend the Scottish Green's have split into two parties, following the decision of the party to vote for the removal of one of the parties two leaders, Shannon Robertson on Saturday. Robertson then lead her...
  9. 2018 Presidential Election

    Friday March 1st, 2024 The latest UK polling, with undecided voters removed: (+/- since February 2nd poll) Labour: 40% (+1) Conservative: 22% (-1) NPP: 20% (+1) Liberal Democrats: 9% (-1) SNP: 3% (n/c) Green: 2% (n/c) Socialist Alliance: 1% (n/c) Plaid Cymru: 1% (n/c) Others: 2% (n/c)
  10. 2018 Presidential Election

    Welcome to Green politics in the United Kingdom!! In both worlds the following is true: Scottish Green's formed in 1990: Are a Scottish nationalist party, they are "left wing" and support Scottish independence. They are also believe an independent Scotland should be a Republic with an elected...
  11. 2018 Presidential Election

    Tuesday February 27th, 2024 Scottish Greens on verge of historic split The Scottish Greens who have three MSP's in the Scottish parliament, and who support the incumbent SNP administration could very well split apart at the parties spring conference which takes place in Edinburgh this weekend...
  12. 2018 Presidential Election

    Three words "No Donald Trump". Although I would say that in no way was Alan Duke just a "like for like" replacement for Trump in the story (he had many differences, Duke was a former Senator, he disliked "sin" as he called it, and was truly religious (it wasn't fake)). He did reflect some Trump...
  13. 2018 Presidential Election

    Tuesday February 20th, 2023 High Court rejects attempt to get Bradford West general election result set aside The High Court has today ordered the legal attempt by Socialist Alliance candidate Masoud Abbasi from last years general election in Bradford West to be struck out on the motion of...
  14. 2018 Presidential Election

    Friday February 16th, 2023 Labour win Fylde by-election with a 15% swing Labour won the Fylde by-election overturning a 15,000 majority to take the Lancashire seat by 976 votes, in the first parliamentary election since the general election last June. The election was required following the...
  15. I Am The Doctor.

    Kemp is a great choice, in OTL in 2000 he was brilliant in the fantasy modern retelling of a Christmas Carol.
  16. I Am The Doctor.

    Ross Kemp as "The Warrior Doctor" really does work I think.
  17. 2018 Presidential Election

    Exacatly, King Charles 3rd is the King in both worlds, he came onto the throne at the same, he is married to Camilla, and the death of Dianna still took place but with Ricky Meyer as PM. We have avoided the "soap opera" part of the Royal Family.
  18. 2018 Presidential Election

    Yes, he ascended to the Throne on the same day as per OTL. Nothing changed.
  19. 2018 Presidential Election

    Friday February 2nd, 2024 The latest UK polling, with undecided voters removed: (+/- since December 3rd poll) Labour: 39% (+1) Conservative: 23% (-2) NPP: 19% (+1) Liberal Democrats: 10% (-2) SNP: 3% (-1) Green: 2% (n/c) Socialist Alliance: 1% (n/c) Plaid Cymru: 1% (n/c) Others: 2% (n/c)
  20. 2018 Presidential Election

    Monday January 8th, 2024 Samuels wins politicians Mastermind Celebrity Special Former Prime Minister Richard Samuels won a Mastermind politician celebrity special beating fellow former Prime Minister Maureen Graty, former Labour leader Jack Coll, and former Liberal Democrat MP Damien...