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  1. AHC: Keep Rage Against the Machine together after 2000

    Quelling Zach and Tom's egos, really. The two were the driving force of the band from the beginning, and steered their message steadily between each other, but their differing political viewpoints - de la Rocha being a much more radical, revolutionary socialist than Morello's...
  2. World Without Watergate-Revamped.

    The Presidential election in 1976 looks to be wide open, then. Without Carter in the running (or his campaign made nominal, as it otherwise would have been) for the Democrats, the field looks dominated by westerners - the McGovern-style liberals with Mo Udall, the good, transparent...
  3. Pop Culture: The David Burton 'Doctor Who'

    This'll be interesting . . .
  4. Pop Culture: The David Burton 'Doctor Who'

    Tears in the fabric of reality . . . why am I somehow reminded of the McGann Big Finish audio dramas? Wonderful set up for another great entry! I honestly don't know what to make of The New Doctor Who anymore. It's crap, even for shoestring-budgeted standards, but when it's got moments like...
  5. Pop Culture: The David Burton 'Doctor Who'

    This is a fantastic piece. :D I especially appreciated the excerpt about the making of the Vienna Robot, as a stage tech myself. That's the sentiment of your average community theater play put on the spot - I can't imagine what the level of sheer anxiety that a television program going through...
  6. My Biggest Project Yet...

    Not sure if this constitutes necro-ing a thread (sorry if it does, I don't mean to step on any toes), but I've been looking around Amazon and Lulu, and haven't been able to find this work anywhere. As someone who's very eager to read, and very interested in pretty much all of your TLs, would you...
  7. Reagan nominated and defeated in '76, would he be back in '80?

    And Lamar Alexander, more often than not. :rolleyes:
  8. The Land of Milk and Honey: An American TL

    That's pretty counterintuitive, denying him basic rights and his own identity, terrorist or otherwise. At ADX Florence, these prisoners are effectively cut off from the world-at-large as it stands, and that's how it tends to stay. This TL has done well thus far with defining itself in...
  9. TLIAD: America of 2016 or John Kerry's Third Term

    Can this be nominated for a Turtledove?
  10. Unpopular figure endorses politician to prevent him from winning?

    That's as good an example as any, at least in terms of long-reaching effects. There were plenty of Hugo Chavez' and Donald Trump's who threw endorsements behind their respective ideologically-similar candidates in 2012, and the greatest effect that had was rolling eyes, at best. I can't think of...
  11. The Biden Express: Derailed

    Erryday he's hustlin' :cool:
  12. Who's The Doctor? A TL

    Oh, wow. I'm speechless. :eek: Fantastic story-working on your part! Don't know what else to say, beyond keep up the great work!
  13. The Alternate Cabinets Thread

    Just a lil' TL I'm playing with Cabinet of President John Kerry (2005-2009) Cabinet Vice President - John Edwards (2005-2009) Secretary of State - Richard Holbrooke (2005-2009) Secretary of the Treasury - James A. Johnson (2005-2008) - Robert Rubin (2008-2009) Secretary of Defense -...
  14. The Biden Express

    Didn't she make a few Senate runs from 1988-1992? At least in the Democratic Primary in New York.
  15. Jesus Walks: A History of the War on Terror, 1979-1992

    And we're back. Can't wait to see how everything unfolds! And some Marcinko-Putin buddy cop action. . . . okay, so that last part might be an exaggeration, but still. Fantastic work!
  16. The Biden Express

    I completely agree with this, to be honest.
  17. Rumsfeldia: Fear and Loathing in the Decade of Tears

    Then you, my friend, are really missing out.
  18. Heart of Dixie: A Timeline

    I can say nothing that hasn't already been said about this timeline before, beyond spectacular, and by all means, certainly deserving of a Turtledove nomination. When the time comes, at least. Always an enticing read! Keeping up with this epic, and I realize that it's not terribly relevant...
  19. Jesus Walks: A History of the War on Terror, 1979-1992

    Ghost Recon! Splinter Cell! Uhh . . . wait, SOCOM? It'd make sense, even though they formed up the Special Operations Command sometime in the later eighties. EDIT: Wait, no! It's Contra! Definitely Contra! Commander Marcinko in the field, Tehran, Iran