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  1. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    Tried to do a Trump self-sabotage on Impossible under the new scenario (much harder as the game is far less elastic, and, in this version, there are no "general" questions where you can simply pick the other side's answers). Still, managed to make Johnson win Utah, which I've never seen before...
  2. Medieval America Mark III

    Apologies if this has already been addressed (I didn't come across this being raised but I could have missed something) do people reconcile the Washington that is a US hero and namesake of its holy city, and the region of the northwest that was formerly Washington state? Has the state...
  3. Collaborative timeline: Dunes of the Desert, a Timeline without Islam

    Read most of this yesterday. I'm astonished by the level of creativity, detail, and allohisorical plausibility that @Tomislav Addai has imparted to this world, as well as its sheer comprehensiveness. You've made a devotee out of me.
  4. Why Did the Confederate Constitution Have a Single-Term Presidency?

    The Constitution of the CSA altered very little of the US Constitution except for explicit defenses of state sovereignty, slavery, low tariffs, and other issues central to Confederate political ideology. Why, then, did it change Presidential terms from a (then-unlimited) four-year cycle to a...
  5. AHC: Diverse rednecks/hillbillies

    Does "Paniolo" culture count as rednecky?
  6. The Anglo/American - Nazi War - The on-going mystery

    @CalBear Just to confirm, was Corsica liberated alongside Sardinia in Operation Otter, or did it have to wait until later as "National" France collapsed?
  7. Of Rajahs and Hornbills: A Timeline

    Wonderful, as always!
  8. Worst Civil War Alternate History

    Well, that wasn't trying to be serious AH.
  9. Race relations in a Dutch South Africa

    Sort of, but instead of that (relatively OTL) outcome, I was thinking of the opposite: where (except for the urban Cape Coloureds) the Cape Dutch are (and are seen as) whiter than the "Afrikaners."
  10. Race relations in a Dutch South Africa

    I wonder whether, if the Dutch remained in charge but, as before the british, their interest and control was limited to a small littoral zone around the Cape, perhaps nascent Boers on the frontier would effectively merge with the (non-Cape) colored population of OTL, creating a racial divide...
  11. Early Ottoman Collapse

    I wonder if, given that the Russians may be assumed to get influence over the Balkans and Black Sea basically by default in such a scenario (this may be predicated on Austria not being able to extend its reach south), perhaps the other powers would back an (expanded) Greek state as a...
  12. The Anglo/American - Nazi War - The on-going mystery

    Apologies for quoting an old post, but for some reason I saw this today and it brought to mind something in your perspective on this TL's world that I've always wondered about. Namely, it seems (and I could very well be misapprehending this) that you think of internal, and even international...
  13. Blue Skies in Camelot: An Alternate 60's and Beyond

    @President_Lincoln Congratulations on your graduation!
  14. Of Rajahs and Hornbills: A Timeline

    Wonderful as always! For Johor, I can't help but wonder if Anglophilia and Ottomanophilia will collide some day, especially as the "Dar-al-Islam" as a whole might become more...assertive (never mind the evident tensions between pan-Islamism and the caliphal claims of the Ottoman sultan). I love...
  15. Among These Rocky Shores

    @Noravea Thanks for the mention, I can't wait to see where this goes.
  16. An Experiment in Politics

    This looks very promising, it would be interesting if the generalized discontent on both sides of the political spectrum was formalized into permanent political institutions.
  17. Of Rajahs and Hornbills: A Timeline

    The interlude makes me wonder: how well-developed is the "western luxury" trade in the free states of Nusantara? For comfortable but not exceptionally wealthy and important people, are such parlour photographs, for example, becoming commonplace?
  18. Worst Screws in AH

    The centuries-long Swiss-screw in @Basileus444's An Age of Miracles.
  19. King Theodore's Corsica

    So glad to see this updated. I really like the depiction of your favorite mountebank in the autumn of his years, as well as the cut-and-thrust of Papal politics. It's ironic how, though Theodore is the most "enlightened" monarch in Europe, the very primitiveness of the land and its...
  20. Direct Knowledge of Homer in Medieval Western Europe?

    That was one of the things I was referring to in the OP.