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  1. Entirely Indo-Aryan India.

    If the Indo Aryan languages spread in the south of India during the 6th or 5th century BC, then the culture would be a good mix of dravidian and indo aryan culture. If you look at Maharashtra, the culture is heavily influenced by South India and not the northern states such as UP, Punjab or...
  2. Entirely Indo-Aryan India.

    The culture of Sri Lanka is a good example. Aryans settled Sri Lanka in the 6th century BCE and have evolved a culture similar to OTL south India. An Indo Aryan south Indiawould have a similar culture to OTL modern day South India albeit with a few differences.
  3. Explain the AH Quote

    Said by a messenger from Mary, Queen Consort of France, daughter of King Henry VIII to her sister Elizabeth, Queen of England and Queen Consort of the Netherlands. Henry VIII had only two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth despite marrying six times. This message was sent to her after the death of...
  4. DBWI: Screw La Plata

    La Plata is the only nation where the military rule has worked. All other countries under military rule such as Russia, Iran and Thailand have become hellholes. Have the same happening to La Plata is quite possible.
  5. Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline

    Awesome bro. Take your time
  6. The Gentleman's Games: An alternate History of Rugby and Football

    Nice TL. On first reading i thought that rugby would be an Anglo sphere sport while football would be the sport of Continental Europe and Latin America.
  7. DBWI - Siddartha Gautama Becomes a Sage instead of Emperor ?

    The fact is that while Siddharta did unify the Bharat Kshetra, it was his son Rahula who really stabilized the empire. With the help of Ajatshatru, friend of Siddhartha and Rahula's father in law he made the Arthashastra (Code of laws) which is attributed to Siddhartha. His rule was the start of...
  8. Alternate Names for the United States?

    As the land of the free Liberia sounds like a good name.
  9. WI Napoleon exile to Mexico instead of Elba?

    Mexico or New Spain as it was called was Spanish territory. I doubt Spain would willingly give that to Napoleon at the behest of the other powers. What would Spain get out of it? New Spain is roughly half the size of Europe and has a population of roughly 5million.
  10. English Canada/French Carolina: A Timeline

    Can we have a small comet in British America, preferably somewhere near OTL New York.
  11. The Abode Above The Clouds

    Hindustan is more of a Persian word. Nepal would use Bharat Rashtra or Arya Rashtra not Hindustan.
  12. DBWI: Napoleon crowns himself.

    Didn,t Tallyrand who challenged him in 1809 become his foriegn minister?
  13. DBWI: Napoleon crowns himself.

    The family of Napoleon at one or the other time ruled All of Europe between Russia and Britain. Monarchs in all but name.
  14. The Tiger's throne : An Indian TL.

    Rana Sanga. An awesome start
  15. Odyssey of Fritz, the Turncoat Prince

    A United France once more. Awesome
  16. Odyssey of Fritz, the Turncoat Prince

    Against the Spanish
  17. Odyssey of Fritz, the Turncoat Prince

    Hope the United Provinces lose or at best get a Phyrric victory.
  18. Explain the AH Quote

    Said by King Christian X of Denmark. The people of the Danish Virgin Islands had voted to remain with Denmark and this was not accepted by the USA. During the 1st World War, the Danes joined on the side of the Continental Alliance after the USA joined the United Coalition. The resulting war saw...
  19. Explain the AH Quote

    Said by the Canadian judge during Amerivision 2014, a song contest copied from the Eurovision. The finals had tweleve teams and all the judges were from neutral countries and had to give points from 1 to 12 to each team. Team USA won the Amerivision. "F@#k you Bill, you lying cheating piece of...
  20. AHC:should have Multiple Patriarchs of the Catholic Church

    A Patriarch should be of equal rank to the Pope. The Pope is just the first among equals.