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  1. Free city of Jerusalem- offer your symbols

    I originally posted it in The Flag Thread and that came up there also. With the same solution. :D Multiple versions of the flag, all official.
  2. Free city of Jerusalem- offer your symbols

    I created this one a few years ago.
  3. Air and Space Photos from Alternate Worlds.

    Or it could come as a bit of a shock to the next drug runner they chase down. :eek:
  4. Air and Space Photos from Alternate Worlds.

    Nice. That might even be better than the US Coast Guard Mi-24D Hind.
  5. Alternative Automotive Engines

    He did say gas-turbine electric hybrid. Hook the turbine up to a generator that provides electricity to electric motors at the wheels. That keeps the turbine at a constant speed.
  6. Air and Space Photos from Alternate Worlds.

    How about a Jet powered glider to make everyone happy?:p
  7. US alone, beating Nazi Germany

    There is no doubt that WW2 accuracy left a lot to be desired. But radar bombing by the B-29's late in the war was a real game changer over Nordon bombsight when it came to accuracy and the B-36 took it to another level because they could carry a much larger antenna. For reference you want you...
  8. US alone, beating Nazi Germany

    So you have no reference. Thank you for playing.
  9. US alone, beating Nazi Germany

    The B-36 used the same radar as the B-29 but with a much larger antennae which greatly improved the accuracy. So the radar was available several years earlier than even the sooner-than-OTL B-36. Of course if you are dropping 20kt A-bombs, accuracy within 100-200 feet is quite close enough.
  10. US alone, beating Nazi Germany

    As I stated above, better than the B-29 was able to do from much lower altitude.
  11. US alone, beating Nazi Germany

    You must not have understood. The B-29 was the more advanced design, that is why it had so many problems that weren't really corrected until the B-50 model. The B-36 was the simpler design and it had few problems in operation. You need to give me a reference for that. It is exactly the...
  12. US alone, beating Nazi Germany

    Except that the B-29 is the later more advanced design and the B-36 was the earlier design generation. DO-335 & Ta-183 wouldn't even get close, and I already pointed out the H-229 might get close assuming its lack of stability didn't kill the pilot first and they were able to get the engines...
  13. US alone, beating Nazi Germany

    How do the Germans in that 4-5 years do what US or Russia couldn't do till the mid-50's? The first US fighter that was able to just barely threaten the B-36 was the F-86D. To get a fighter that can reliably get to the B-36, you need something in the class of the F-100 or Mig-17.
  14. US alone, beating Nazi Germany

    How? The only conventional fighter that can even get into the same neighborhood altitude wise is the Ta-152H, and then only for as long as it's methanol-water mixture lasts. About 5 minutes. Of the jets the only one that has any chance is the Horton 229 and that's assuming they can get the...
  15. US alone, beating Nazi Germany

    Considering that about 1/3 of Operation Torch staged directly out of the US to North Africa, I will say that this is incorrect. No need to wait a couple of decades, if the UK is out of the war and the US has no foreign bases to work from, development of the B-36 would continue forward instead...
  16. Photos from Alternate Worlds

    This picture was recovered from a camera found on board a ferryboat wreck in Old New York Harbor near Liberty Island. It is believed to have been taken just as a Russian ICBM destroyed the city at the beginning of the Cuban War during the middle part of the 20th century.
  17. Photos from Alternate Worlds

    That is just epic.
  18. No Atomic Bombs For Japan

    I don't believe that the planned invasion would ever have gone forward. It was scheduled for November 1, 1945, which meant that the aircraft, supplies and shipping for the invasion would have been gathering at Okinawa just in time for typhoon Louise to hit on October 9. The damage from that...
  19. Air and Space Photos from Alternate Worlds.

    With its high mounted wing, I think a VTOL B-24 would work better.;)
  20. Improve your Country's Military

    OMG! Not SPARKY! :eek: