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  1. Panic Submachinegun 1938

    Swiss SMG's were just another example of a beautifully engineered and expensive over complicated and weird weapons. Why the hell does anyone need a toggle locked 9mm SMG. Better off hiring a Czech designer to come up with something interesting and cheap or just buying the Beretta 38.
  2. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Normal service has now resumed.
  3. Panic Submachinegun 1938

    They only made 15000 Thompson 1921/27/28 all in .45 all made by Colt under contract, they were very well made, high quality and therefore high cost guns so re-engineering it in 9mm would make it even more expensive, the UK were paying $300 a gun in 1940. Pretty much all the pre-war SMG's were...
  4. Panic Submachinegun 1938

    I think the Sten Mk2 is more of a "Oh Jesus, Jesus please help me there are NAZI stormtroopers coming, please God I'll take anything that doesn't immediately blow up and sprays bullets away from my body".
  5. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    You know he is going to claim he was just going to post that.
  6. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Now you're doing it to be perverse!
  7. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Is this your shortest update ever?
  8. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    But, but if that happens there will be no Battlefield Earth. Oh, the Humanity.
  9. How late could Nazi Germany have turned the tide of war?

    Notably they used them to pay agents. Though it was a clever way to use "UK currency" to pay foreign companies for services under the table.
  10. WW1 intermediate cartridge

    Here is a Semi-auto in a 2 gun match.
  11. Challenge: name an airplane uglier than the Lloyd Luftkreuzer

    They were doing research into whether there were any advantages to the pilot being prone in high G maneuvers.
  12. WI: Germany Uses Chemical or Biological Weapons on Populations During Invasion of the Soviet Union

    Why. Up until they ground to a halt in front of Moscow there weren't enough worthwhile targets to hit. Besides, the Germans were worried that the Russians had nerve agents. The original scientific research that led to the various German nerve gasses was carried out and published by Russian...
  13. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    Martin Baker Brigand is better IMHO
  14. How late could Nazi Germany have turned the tide of war?

    One reason the Germans forged all of those £5 notes, just the thing for cash deals where no one was asking questions. They were very good forgeries too, the Bank of England couldn't work out which were real and which weren't so they added a metal strip in 1945.
  15. How late could Nazi Germany have turned the tide of war?

    They already had identified and started to move personnel to a back up "Capitol" to Kuybyshev when Stalin decided to stay in Moscow. Besides they would never have admitted Stalin had left Moscow unless the Germans actually seized the city, in which case he would have been "Leading the Peoples...
  16. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    There was still a coaling station (though of lesser importance in WW2) on the islands and they were a useful spot for picking up fresh water, mutton and fish for passing ships, plus for some reason people were worried the Japanese might invade. Though I suspect any member of the IJN would...
  17. Germany follows the Goering stratgy in 1940 and 1941

    Malta is doable if the Spanish help out with access, the defences were fairly robust against sea attack and land attack would have been messy. Doable maybe but a lot of German infantry is going to end up dead.
  18. Was the invasion of Italy necessary in ww2

    It had a lot of advantages for the allies. It finally eliminated the RM as a force in the Med, it led to Italy surrendering, it caused the Germans to commit land and airforces to secure their southern flank further complicating German logistics. It allowed the Wehrmacht to play to their...
  19. WI the USA did not ban “military assault weapons” sales 1989 - 2004?

    There are currently something like 500k unissued M1 carbines in S Korea which were paid for by US tax payers and can't be imported into the US, there are a mountain of unissued magazines too.