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  1. Map Thread XIX

    Write-up later. Simplest tldr France and America switch revolutions, with a peaceful early revolution and the Americans a chaotic drawn out affair that leads to a Napoleon figure. Their histories also intertwine, with America going thru multiple governments and govt types, and France spreading...
  2. WIP Map Thread

    Almost done...
  3. WIP Map Thread

    Major WIP. Basic summary is that the USA and French swap history, with the French revolution happening first and being much more ... peaceful, while the American Revolution is violent and chaotic and leads to a civil war between Federalists and Confederalists, a Napoleon figure conquering most...
  4. Aged Historical Figures (and their offspring)

    Looks like Rian Johnson
  5. World According To AH. Comers

    Megali Idea. every damn time.
  6. Map Thread XIX

    I didnt have east africa done at the time but there is a mega-Ethiopia and all of east africa not touched ie Kenya, Tanzania, etc are ruled by a Chinese state set up by Zheng He. Rhodesia rules over most of Mozambique.
  7. Map Thread XIX

    Major WIP, but the world map for Il Bethisad
  8. Political M-BAM project For your USA portions
  9. OTL Election maps resources thread

    MD 2018 by precinct. Hogan in Red, Jealous in Blue.
  10. Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    Im back from sweek, so I'm bumping and will post a proposal for tectonics This world seems to be on its way to pangeea with a rapidly closing *atlantic* and expanding pacific. the continents however are rifting apart at the same time
  11. Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    Because i cant really work on the map I’m going to through a bunch of advice: HOTSPOTS: hotspots are areas where magma swells from the mantle and spews out without a subduction zone ie Hawaii and Etna and many random islands. Subduction zone: A subduction zone is an area where plate is eaten...
  12. Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    Hotspots. I feel as though more islands should be added to the “pacific” ocean part of our map
  13. Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    Drew the bottom portion of the south east continent with the idea of a subduction zone ala South America. I like the idea of the reverse ring of fire were the continents are closing in however. Also the island to the southwest of the mP was drawn with the idea of it being like a jan mayen or New...
  14. Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    Claiming IM going to be out of town for the next week on vacation. Ill still be able to use my phone, but I 95% am sure I wont be able to post maps and stuff.
  15. Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    It would help if someone could turn the worldmap into a globe. But still on a globe it would just look as though it touches the pole and ends there
  16. Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    I fee like we should wipe those other arctic islands and redraw them
  17. Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    maybe we wipe the connection to the pole and make it like a Greenland
  18. Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    Claiming Also, I think that large island in the top left would stretch across the top due to the curvature of the earth. The way it is drawn is as if the north pole was the tip of the landmass
  19. Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    Claiming. will post soon and here it is