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  1. AHC: President Rudy Giuliani

    Not when he was picking a VP it wasn't, his problem was convincing the base he was sufficiently socially conservative enough. Giuliani worsened McCain's credentials amongst the social conservatives and added nothing else - wouldn't have helped the Republicans win New York, added nothing to...
  2. AHC: President Rudy Giuliani

    It's unlikely, simply for the fact that Giuliani adds nothing for McCain in an electoral sense. McCain already had a problem convincing the Evangelical right about his credentials, hence a big factor in Palin's selection, but also for the fact that he tried choosing Lieberman and this went down...
  3. 2018 Presidential Election

    At least Benn avoided Mandyville
  4. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    Honestly going to put my foot through my fucking screen if I lose another 1916 campaign to Wilson - literally every path (progressive, moderate, conservative, anti-war, pro-war) fails
  5. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned. Romney/Rubio in an absolute squeaker - Obama won the popular vote by just over 930,000 votes but Romney was delivered over the line by a margin of just over 1,000 in Nevada; 9,000 in Virginia and 22,000 in Ohio. Undoubtedly...
  6. List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

    Climbing Up the Ladder A list of Presidents and Vice Presidents taken from the lower rankings of various Cabinets since 1965, essentially any positions outside of State, Treasury, Justice, Defense and Homeland Security. November 22nd 1963 to January 20th 1965: Lyndon Johnson (D-TX) / vacant...
  7. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    Better Electoral College win for W. than 2000 OTL, with a 294-244 win over Gore, with Powell on the ticket. However, Dubya also loses the popular vote by over a million votes, significantly more than OTL 2000... Notably Gore only won Pennsylvania by 20,000 and Bush only won Tennessee by 9,000...
  8. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    Solid win as Kennedy in 1960, bigger than OTL - Notable results include Nixon winning Alaska by only 4 votes and Kennedy beating back a strong Byrd challenge in the South
  9. Blair assassinated in 1999.

    John Prescott assumes command at the head of an emergency, temporary government, possibly triggering a succession crisis with Gordon Brown
  10. List of US Presidents, 1960 to 2020

    My understand is he'd be eligible the same way people like Ted Cruz or George Romney were eligible to run, born on foreign soil but the child of US citizens.
  11. List of US Presidents, 1960 to 2020

    1932: Al Smith / Cordell Hull (Democratic) 1936: Al Smith / Cordell Hull (Democratic) [1] 1940: Styles Bridges / Dewey Jackson Short (Republican) [2] 1944: Styles Bridges / Dewey Jackson Short (Republican) [3] 1948: Styles Bridges / Dewey Jackson Short (Republican) [4] 1952: Robert S. Kerr /...
  12. List of US Presidents, 1960 to 2020

    1932: Al Smith / Cordell Hull (Democratic) 1936: Al Smith / Cordell Hull (Democratic) [1] 1940: Styles Bridges / Dewey Jackson Short (Republican) [2] [1] A fairly close race due to the well-oiled campaigning machine their opponent Alf Landon set up and due to Smith's Catholicism driving down...
  13. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    No, avoid.
  14. 2018 Presidential Election

    Was it ever established on the show or in the thread why Straub stepped down as Chief Justice after just over 5 years? Seems quite brief for a Chief who is still alive over 25 years later
  15. 2018 Presidential Election

    Sam's best option now is to avoid any West Wing resignations or firings, put the Bartlet nomination behind him and press on, show contrition, anything else would just make the mess worse for him.
  16. 2018 Presidential Election

    Today, in an alternate universe somewhere... '22nd February 2019 - President Fitzsimmons addresses the White House briefing room after his nomination of former First Lady Helen Santos for Secretary of Education was voted down by the Senate. The Democratic rebellion had been led by Senate...
  17. 2018 Presidential Election

    Also a blast from the past (a rather ironic one) in light of the recent news developments
  18. 2018 Presidential Election

    Sam was always the idealist amongst Bartlet's staff, and I'd wager his principled stance by what I assume still is a popular ex-First Lady amongst the American people, earns him plaudits. Of course, does this idealism make him the next JFK/Bartlet or Newman/Santos? Could go either way
  19. 2018 Presidential Election

    Though, if Seaborn opted to fire or force out Cregg and Sterns, Bartlet's biggest advocates, to lose a Senior Advisor and a Comms Director within the first two months of an administration is going to look even worse on top of losing a Cabinet nominee. And ultimately, they only advised, Seaborn...
  20. Could Jed Bartlet Have Been Elected in Real Life?

    Depends on the era and his opponent. If 2004, he probably goes the same way as Kerry. If running in 2012 against Romney, it's more an even keel against him than with Obama. If 2016 against someone like Trump, he'd have gone the same way as Hillary. In the 2020 primary, he'd have a fighting...