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  1. Collaborative Realistic Worldbuilding, Part ?

    Y'all now the deal. Fill an "Earth" map with landmasses, do elevations, climates and other stuff collaboratively. After that fauna/flora, and then create human cultures and go through history. Stake a claim if you're going to do something Just for example's sake, here are some of the other...
  2. WI: No Post-Credits in Iron Man 1

    What if Samuel L Jackson or Nick Fury never appeared in Iron Man announcing the Avengers Initiative? Would the MCU as we know it never exist? Would the modern concept of the Cinematic Universe never come up? How would the movie business be like nowadays?
  3. WI: Franz Ferdinand shot but not killed

    What if Gavrilo Principe in his assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot yet not killed? What would have been Austria-Hungary's reaction? Would The events that caused WW1 still occur ie July Crisis, Ultimatum, etc?
  4. Nazi Germany goes after the Middle East during WW2?

    I was watching this video (The main reason why Germany lost WW2- OIL) on youtube, and the poster argued that a severe oil shortage in Germany was the main reason for their defeat, and that if they didn't attempt an invasion of the Soviet Union by 1941 and win, they would run out of Oil as a...
  5. Beagle Conflict War?

    Under the Argentinian military junta of 1976-1983, Argentina suffered from corruption, economic catastrophe, and a popukace that hated the regime. To try and rally support, the Junta rolled the dice on the Falklands, hoping Britain would just hand off the seemingly worthless island. As we all...
  6. No Battle of Jutland?

    The Battle of Jutland was the largest naval battle of WW1, that pitted the German High Seas Fleet against the British Royal Navy. Years of naval build up between the two powers clashed in one battle. The Battle was caused by Admiral Scheer's belief that one large cataclysmic battle between the...
  7. Maryland 2014 by Precinct (WIP)

    A WIP Project, The precinct map is based of the 2012 Gay Marriage Referendum Map by Homely on Uselectionsatlas
  8. WI: Drew Bledsoe never injured.

    in the beginning of the 2001 season, the Patriots franchise QB Drew Bledsoe was injured in an infamous hit by Mo Lewis. When this happened, The Patriots backup, Tom Brady, became their starting QB and the rest is history. But what if Drew Bledsoe is able to get out of bounds and escape Mo Lewis...
  9. No Civil War in the South, what happens to the cities?

    The Civil War destroyed most of the former major cities of the South, making most never able to recover. For example Vicksburg was the one of the most important port cities in the lower Mississippi Valley. After the Civil War, It stayed a port, but nowadays it is a quiet city in Mississippi. So...
  10. Make the 1936 Literaru Digest poll the correct prediction

    In the 1936 US presidential election Alf Landon was incorrectly predicted by the Literary Digest magazine that he would win the election with 370 electoral votes. How can we make Alf Landon, the greatest election loser of all time, win the election how the maganzine it would be?
  11. Make the 1936 Reader's Digest poll the correct prediction

    In the 1936 US presidential election Alf Landon was incorrectly predicted by the Reader's Digest magazine that he would win the election 370-
  12. Grover Cleveland wins in 1888

    What if Grover Cleveland wins in 1888? In OTL he lost the election to Benjamin Harrison but ended up winning in 1892, but a massive economi depression ended up happening, killing off the Bourbon Democrats and the populists took over. Now in this ATL, the 1894 Depression happens under a...
  13. President Tilden?

    What if Samuel Tilden won he 1876 Predsidential Election. I assume earlier civil service reform and maybe longer Reconstruction, but would the Southerners be allowed to regain political and social lost due to the Civil War. also without the 1877 Compromise, would African-Americans have more rights?
  14. No Interstate system?

    What if Eisenhower never supported the Interstate System? The Interstate allowed suburbia to expand and made car culture standard across America. The inner cities due to suburbia died out and became the poor ghettos of nowadays. No Interstate, can the cities stay vibrant? Also without car...
  15. How do you do Latitude on Worlda?

    I've been having trouble trying to get latitude on Worlda. If I have a straight up and down latitude line, it would be diagonal in real life. However, the Ellipse shape of Worlda makes it troubling to do it, so does anybody have a tutorial on doing it?
  16. What would the English language look and sound like if the Norse conquer England?

    If the Norwegians win the Battle of Stamford Bridge and conquer England, how would English's development as a language be affected? Would the effect be like French in English were French descendant worlds cone out with a more majestic connotation? Also would the letters Eth, Thorn, Wynn, and...
  17. Arab Australia?

    What if Oman or another Arabic nation colonize Australia? Or what if Britain used Arabs as settlers for Australia? Australia has the same climate (mostly) the same climate as most of the Arab world and camels OTL were accidentally feralized by Britian who used them for transportation. So what...
  18. Hohenzollern Hungary?

    What if a ruler from the house of Hohenzollern gets elected as king of Hungary after Matthias Corvinus dies? would the Hohenzollerns stay in power? How would Austria be affected? How would the rest of the HRE be affected?
  19. Could the Alps become a second Caucasus?

    the Caucasus has more than 50 languages with three indigenous families(Northeast, Northwest, and Kartivelian), Iranians (Ossetians, Tats, Taylsh, Kurds), its own group of Indo-European(Armenian), and non-indigenous groups such as Turks, Russians, Azerbaijanis, etc. What could make the Alps...