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  1. DennisMSullivan

    Why isn’t the fact that 400,000 innocent people die in Japanese occupation in august 1945 on, used in the atomic bomb debate more?

    Yes! that was my point. The atom bomb was much more powerful. But it was not a cruel, immoral departure from what was already being done.
  2. DennisMSullivan

    Why isn’t the fact that 400,000 innocent people die in Japanese occupation in august 1945 on, used in the atomic bomb debate more?

    I don't understand why the use of the atom bomb is an issue. The cities were already being firebombed. A few cities were spared, so that the power of one bomb could be demonstrated.
  3. DennisMSullivan

    Kentucky Fried Politics: A Colonel Sanders Timeline

    I didn't see your answer, until now. Thank you. I have more respect for him, after reading what you wrote.
  4. DennisMSullivan

    Texas Divides into 5 States

    I was thinking a unilateral action would have shifted the balance of power. But now I see two responses. 1. Contest the division. 2. Make four new northern states, even though California, and Oregon are in the far west.
  5. DennisMSullivan

    Texas Divides into 5 States

    I reread the Wikipedia page Texas annexation. The law on this is ambiguous. Surely it would have been contested. But if it were done, and accepted, you are sure the increase in southern political power wouldn't make the rebel states change their minds?
  6. DennisMSullivan

    Texas Divides into 5 States

    There is a misconception that Texas came into the union with the explicit right to leave again. But it did get the right to divide itself into 5 states. What if they had done it right after Lincoln won the 1860 election. Wouldn't it have shifted the balance so much that the southern states...
  7. DennisMSullivan

    WI: Robert E. Lee Accepts Command of the Union Army in April 1861

    Historians used to say that. But now it is understood that the end of the war did not cause a sudden shift to singular over plural. It was said both ways, before, and after.
  8. DennisMSullivan

    WI: A delayed American Civil War and a Douglas/Johnson Presidency

    Stephen Douglas died of natural causes, in June 1861. Are you going to imagine him living longer? Maybe he could have gotten the south to accept the modified version of the Crittenden Compromise that Lincoln supported. Then the horrible war is avoided, but horrible slavery continues.
  9. DennisMSullivan

    How far back do you have to go to avoid "current politics"...

    I avoid discussing current politics here. I discuss the history. You give that premise, as an example. But it is very implausible. They didn't want and couldn't afford a standing army. A well regulated militia, with privately owned weapons was needed. Also hunting wasn't a sport, or hobby...
  10. DennisMSullivan

    How far back do you have to go to avoid "current politics"...

    I asked this a long time ago. I was told there isn't a specific date. it's about bringing up current issues.
  11. DennisMSullivan

    Any stories or books like 1632 or Island in the Sea of Time?

    Harry Turtledove's Crosstime Traffic series isn't exactly the same, but vaguely similar.
  12. DennisMSullivan

    AHC: Make General Tso's Chicken Popular in China

    More Chinese immigrants who return home with their children who grew up here and developed a taste for the American version of Chinese food.
  13. DennisMSullivan

    What would a country formed after a successful slave revolt in the American South be called?

    Previously I asked but didn't get any response. Is there any non ASB POD in which John Brown can create a successful slave uprising? I take it that the consensus here is no.
  14. DennisMSullivan

    Operation Downfall: the butterflies on the world

    They almost didn't surrender. The emperor broke the tied cabinet vote by deciding to accept defeat. The no surrender faction opposed him with a coup attempt.
  15. DennisMSullivan

    WI: Gerald Ford chooses to be an NFL player instead of going to law school?

    Yes that bit that he was clumsy was an invention of Chevy Chase. I restrain myself from discussing current politics. I just wish we now had more political leaders like him.
  16. DennisMSullivan

    Kongo vs. Alaska

    I thought it was going to be about some interaction between the two places.
  17. DennisMSullivan

    Miscellaneous <1900 (Alternate) History Thread

    Is there any non ASB POD that has John Brown creating a successful slave rebellion? A partially successful one?
  18. DennisMSullivan

    AHC: make Britain reconquer the United States by military means

    Could it happen with the War of 1812 going much, much worse for the U.S.
  19. DennisMSullivan

    What if the Manhattan Project had started earlier?

    I enjoyed this book: The Berlin Project by Gregory Benford. The bomb is ready to use by June 6, 1944.
  20. DennisMSullivan

    Watching From San Diego - A Two for One July 20th 1944 TL

    I am enjoying this timeline. The repurposing of pictures works well. Just curious. Where and when did this one take place?