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  1. The Rainbow. A World War One on Canada's West Coast Timeline

    Curiosity, protecting a kill, protecting young. A bunch of reasons especially with a grizzly
  2. The Rainbow. A World War One on Canada's West Coast Timeline

    German agents I can understand but why would they be worried about local Japanese when Japan is allied with the Empire?
  3. Slow Drift to War Europe 1984

    And the people in 84 remembered that or had parents or siblings who did and were affected by the results. You can not compare the way people thought back then compared to today. Hell even 9/11 is more academic for a lot of people on this site let alone the depths of the cold war. Resignation to...
  4. Slow Drift to War Europe 1984

    That's why the Soviets had a couple dozen or so SS-18 Mod 3 with a 25 MT warhead. For all the large hard targets. NORAD in Colorado and North Bay, Ontario were a couple of the targets. If they knew of Greenbriar, then that would be another. The bomber would be a nice to have but the missiles...
  5. HMS Invincible

    You have the aircraft mixed. Vals were the dive bombers and Kates were the torpedo bombers
  6. Blue Skies in Camelot: An Alternate 60's and Beyond

    True. Vietnam was a huge shock to the military in regards to reluctant draftees and overall professionalism. The military wanted a volunteer military to raise standards so the draft died. Without it you may have the draft continue due to the the limited casualties due to the reduction of forces...
  7. Blue Skies in Camelot: An Alternate 60's and Beyond

    The draft was happening since just before the Americans entered WW2. With no Vietnam you may see it last till the late 70s or early 80s but it will still end.
  8. Slow Drift to War Europe 1984

    One small thing, 2 RCR in 5 CMBG were in 113s not Grizzlys in Gagetown NB.
  9. Slow Drift to War Europe 1984

    FYI For Canada tank companies are called armoured squadrons, tank battalions are called armoured regiments with engineers having the same squadron and regiment designations. Any new regiments would probably be based around an existing regiment for armoured, artillery or engineers or for any...
  10. HMS Invincible

    An hour and a half warning. Miscommunication?
  11. Slow Drift to War Europe 1984

    I remember being in the RCR lines about a mile away when they went on exercise. You more felt it than heard it. And being in a trench at night when they were manovering in your lines hoping the camo wasn't TOO effective:oops::)
  12. Slow Drift to War Europe 1984

    3 years for Regular Force but the Militia had no fixed contract. It was possible to sign up, do some training then say screw it. The people who did it, did it from love or just a bit extra cash. Quite a few Reg Force guys finished their contracts then transferred to the Militia because they just...
  13. Slow Drift to War Europe 1984

    I can tell you what it was like at the pointy end with the infantry in the mid 80s. Glad to help.
  14. Slow Drift to War Europe 1984

    Battalion HQ in one place for 5 days? Wow. When I was in the Royal Canadian Regiment in the 80s, the HQ wasn't in a place more than 6 to 12 hours. Max, fours hours straight sleep at a time was standard. Mind you now I can sleep almost anytime anywhere. The wife really hates me for that...
  15. Slow Drift to War Europe 1984

    If a Titan 2 missile was operational, it would already be fueled with hypergolics. Titan 1 had to be fueled before use and they were out of service by the late 60s. Otherwise nicely done.
  16. No US entry into WWI, what happens?

    Romania due to Russian collapse in Nov 17 Italy due to German and Austrian attack, Spring of 18, only kept in due to France, UK and USA.
  17. A Thousand Small Steps. How NASA may have been after the Apollo 1 fire.

    Just found this. An interesting story and well written. Quite enjoying it.
  18. Voices of Doomsday

    Well, they had over 110 launch sites for SS-3, 4 and 5s and add in the Beagle and Badger bombers; I would say that would be improbable. It would depend on the alert level and such. Countering an attack on North America minus Alaska would have a good chance with an American first strike though...
  19. Voices of Doomsday

    They had nothing. They started a test program in 63 I believe and only had a BMEWS in the late 60s.
  20. Stupid Luck and Happenstance.

    Stopped? I can't believe that. Continued with less skilled scientists and students. Yes. Remember that there would be lot's of scientists in it for the effort and reputation of working on the cutting edge.