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  1. Asami

    List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

    Franklin's wife did do advertisements for Simmons mattresses during the 30s.
  2. Asami

    DBWI: Apple switches to Intel

    I recall the numerous gaming press diatribes back in 2012. "Wii 2 only plays at 480p" yadda yadda yadda. I'm glad Nintendo adopted something more modern in the PPC family instead of ARM, the 750 was ancient and they weren't doing themselves any favors by retaining it so late. With the...
  3. Asami

    DBWI: Apple switches to Intel

    (OOC: No offense, but I'm going to ignore your direction here. The point of this thread is "what if Apple doesn't switch to x86", not the specific vendor of x86 processors.) Well, the G5 debacle definitely cost Apple some precious time. A lot of PowerBook G4 users abandoned the platform when...
  4. Asami

    Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes V (Do Not Post Current Politics Here)

    I have a brief question. If GfM, LSB and DDT didn't exist in March 2019, then why did the other five parties have such an abysmal voting average? Where's the other 54% of the votes?
  5. Asami

    Ocean of Storms: A Timeline of A Scientific America

    Assuming Reagan is even elected or nominated. This US isn’t like OTL 1979’s conditions that allowed Reagan to ride a populism wave into power.
  6. Asami

    Map Thread XIX

    A companion piece to go with my timeline, Hakko Ichiu, illustrating the current situation of the Indochinese region as of 1948.
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    Qilai! Qilai! - A History of Modern China and The World
    Threadmarks: 2030 - 2105: What Happens Now?

    I lied! Here's me spitballing what happens in the next century or so of the TL. World becomes a better place. :) 2030 - Sixty-one years after the first man set foot on the Moon, the first attempts at human colonization of Earth's satellite begin. A joint venture between the United States...
  8. Asami

    Qilai! Qilai! - A History of Modern China and The World
    Threadmarks: PRC Infographic [omake, extra content]

    :cool: I'm pre-empting any questions: No, I'm not really making any more content for this TL. I was feeling an itch to play around with Inkscape, and wanted to do something China-related, and figured... why not make this? :D If you're wondering: Instead of it being AFS (Alliance of Free...
  9. Asami

    八紘一宇 - Hakkō Ichiu

    Everyone's favorite little war criminal spy has ultimately ended up serving as a junior officer for the IJA in Manchukuo. Formerly one of the highest ranking officers in the Far-Eastern Republic, now one of the highest-ranking officers in Manchukuo. He's rather ambivalent towards the CSR, and...
  10. Asami

    八紘一宇 - Hakkō Ichiu
    Threadmarks: Xi Zhongxun and Qi Xin's Fate

    A quick note: Xi Zhongxun was arrested for treason against the Chinese Soviet Republic after being accused of participation in Sorelian/Trotskyite counterrevolutionary organizations, and subsequently executed on April 8, 1944. His new wife, Qi Xin, was also arrested for similar charges, but...
  11. Asami

    Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes V (Do Not Post Current Politics Here)

    This is the exact conversation that killed the last Wikibox thread. Let it die here pleaaase :(
  12. Asami

    Witch0Winter's Artwork

    Excellent map!
  13. Asami

    八紘一宇 - Hakkō Ichiu
    Threadmarks: Canadian federal elections, 1943 and 1946

    For your perusing pleasure, the 1943 and 1946 Canadian elections. Canada's 1943 election shows the CCF gaining a majority through public confidence in Prime Minister Coldwell. This public confidence really shone in 1946 in which the CCF managed to expand their majority, piggy-backing off of the...
  14. Asami

    Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes V (Do Not Post Current Politics Here)

    I'm actually going to give you some props for not using the obvious West Wing promotional photos for President Sheen, that alone gets you some "creativity" points. :P
  15. Asami

    八紘一宇 - Hakkō Ichiu

    Not quite the exact same jet design, but something close to that.
  16. Asami

    八紘一宇 - Hakkō Ichiu

    He's the leading figure in Japanese nuclear research, spear-heading the Ministry of Research and Development's Nuclear Energy Program. Nobody in this world is really looking into weaponizing the atom, but they're definitely on their way to developing fascinating nuclear technologies--...
  17. Asami

    八紘一宇 - Hakkō Ichiu

    Juliana Young resides in Manchukuo and works for the diplomatic corps there, along with her husband.
  18. Asami

    八紘一宇 - Hakkō Ichiu

    This is merely speculative and has never been proven, so I shan't be using it. Wellington Koo has bounced around during the instability in China-- first he served as a court emissary for President Yuan, ended up being his diplomat to the US and Cuba, defected to the Kuomintang following his...
  19. Asami

    WI: Xerox developed the iMac?

    Apple still had quite a robust market placement with the Apple II's success, and could have very easily continued their niche in education. And just like OTL, the patents on GUI elements can't be guaranteed forever, particularly as computers become more common. Apple tried to stop Microsoft and...