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  1. Asami

    Red and Black

    (Rattling about at the back of my mind, a brief vignette about another world, with vagueness and uncertainty being the order of the day. C'est la vie.) H. Agard Wallace (AAUP) April - October 1947 "The Principled Farmer of the People" The ascent of H. Agard Wallace to the highest office in...
  2. Asami

    List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II
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    List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II The go-to place to dump your poorly-written (or masterfully written) presidential, monarchistic, dictatorial or whatever lists-- all lists are welcome and encouraged! To go to the original thread: click here
  3. Asami

    Drabbles from the Human Federation

    In order to stop cluttering up Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes IV, I've started this thread to contain my drabbles. :p
  4. Asami

    Wikibox of the Fortnight - Main Discussion Thread

    Asami presents a shameless rip off, created from an idea made by Danderns and (shamelessly) pirated off the format lead by my dear friend Upvoteanthology. Wikibox of the Fortnight! Contest Entry Wikiboxes made for WoTF must meet the restrictions placed upon it by the topic, and whether the...
  5. Asami

    八紘一宇 - Hakkō Ichiu
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    八紘一宇 Hakkō ichiu A Tale of the Empire of Japan by Asami
  6. Asami

    Seeing Things Differently - TLIAP

    Seeing Things Differently A TLIAP by Sakura_F A minor placeholder for now. I have work in an hour and I'm gonna do this write up over the next couple days; or tonight. One or the other. Stay tuned. ;)
  7. Asami

    Qilai! Qilai! - A History of Modern China and The World
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    ((And here we have Sakura_F writing a timeline about Modern China. I'm pretty sure I'm going to fuck it all up, but I wanted to write this anyway.)) Qilai! Qilai! A history of Modern China Mao Tse-tung (Communist Party) (1949 - 1953) "The Helmsman" October 1, 1949 inaugurated a...
  8. Asami

    Baltic States c. 1780s/1790s?

    I'm doing some research for a portion of my TL, The Shield of Liberty and I need information about the "situation on the ground" for the Baltic States around the time of the French Revolution & the rise of Napoleon. Could anyone point me toward some good maps so I can get a feel for what the...
  9. Asami

    WI: A President of the United States won with 22% of the PV In this video by CGPGrey, he explains that it's possible for someone to become President of the United States by winning 22% of the popular vote, and just over 50% of the electoral college by targeting only the small states. Ignoring his crusade...
  10. Asami

    The Shield of Liberty

    The Shield of Liberty Reboot of "The Land of Freedom", a Turtledove Award-winning timeline. "We strive collectively toward every ounce of progress we have attained to. We do it because it is difficult, and because of it's rich rewards. We do not seek to be declared great, because greatness...
  11. Asami

    Sakura_F's Wikiboxes

    Just in case I come up with some for like, fanfictions, or roleplays, I'm gonna put them here because they're good stuff. :D
  12. Asami

    The Land of Freedom

    I'm just opening the topic on this. I'm still thinking of how to write it. If anybody wants to help, they're MORE THAN WELCOME TO DO SO! I'm really excited, and I want everybody who's interested in this TL to help me make it the best I can. You guys know how bad I am at well... everything. :D...
  13. Asami

    An Orange Empire

    An Orange Empire Wilhelmus van Nassouwe Ben ick van Duytschen bloet, Den Vaderlant getrouwe Blyf ick tot in den doet... The reign of William III of Orange-Nassau (1689-1702) Mary II Stuart (1689-1697) The reign of William III van Oranje-Nassau is well remembered as the beginning of...
  14. Asami

    WI: Capital Outside of D.C.

    As is known, Washington D.C. in the 70s, 80s and early 90s was known for being a horrible place to live -- the murder capital of the United States, crack epidemic, et al. If the situation never recovered and the city continued to decay beyond as it had, would the American government move it's...
  15. Asami

    Peace Without Victors

    Peace Without Victors Chapter 1. The Last Offensive (Spring 1918) The Great War is never fondly remembered, even at the centennial commemorations in Western France, where the worst of the fighting took place, especially during the closing days of the war, now termed by historians as...
  16. Asami

    WI: Steve Jobs dies on the Challenger

    According to The Apple Revolution (page 259), Steve Jobs attempted to get into space as a civilian astronaut... on board the Challenger. What would have happened if NASA had chosen Jobs to go up in the Challenger, instead of Christa McAuliffe? What effects would his death in 1986 have on the...
  17. Asami

    The Torch Will Be Passed - America's New Age

    ((This is a reboot of "Come What May", with a few changes to make it easier to swallow as a possible ATL.)) May 13, 1985 President Reagan suffers stroke; condition unknown WASHINGTON - President Ronald Reagan has been believed to have suffered a stroke while in the Oval Office. At this hour...
  18. Asami

    WI: Assassinations of US Presidents...

    So I've been wondering about the effects of an obvious connection to a a foreign nation/foreign ideology/movement and the assassination of a US President. Truman being assassinated by Puerto Ricans, Kennedy getting shot by Chinese, North Koreans or some other commie group, Reagan or either Bush...
  19. Asami

    Come What May: Alternate 80s and 90s

    Taking a break from my lengthy Western Leviathan timeline, I've decided I kind of want to do a timeline starting in the 1980s. I hope it's not too bad, I wasn't alive during this era, so some of my knowledge on the subject comes from two Republican parents who speak very highly of Ronald Reagan...
  20. Asami

    AHC: Trans-Atlantic EU

    Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, with a POD no earlier than May 9, 1945, is to create something similar to the modern European Union spanning the modern borders of the NAFTA and European Union. Bonus points if you can get Russia and the East Bloc into it. No political union...