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  1. 2nd Chinese Civil War

    That Youtube video is about "What if the Tienanmen protests in China escalated into a big anti-Communist rebellion?"
  2. WI: Mongols win Ain Jalut?

    See Youtube "Battle of Ain Jalut, 1260 ⚔️ The Battle that saved Islam and stopped the Mongols - معركة عين جالوت"
  3. German attack on Crete in WWII

    For OTL, see . The Germans by paratroop drops early got hold of Maleme airfield on Crete's north coast and used it to fly supplies in. An Allied attempt to quickly recover Maleme airfield was delayed a day by a sea storm (bad weather) delaying Allied...
  4. What happens to Mexico without the stabilization of the Porfiriato.

    Many sorts of gangs would find a base among the disorder, until a fullscale takeover invasion by the USA to restore order.
  5. Petain’s Panic, or, How the Germans Might Have Won the Great War by Default

    I found this end-of-WWI ATL on the internet:-
  6. In WWII, what if Russia/USSR used the same railway gauge as western Europe?

    In WWII, what if Russia/USSR at start of war used the same railway gauge as western Europe? I recently saw a television program that said that in Operation Barbarossa, inability to use Russia's railways at once, proved crucial.
  7. WI/AHC: Romans deal with Persia.

    Or Rome and Persia make a lasting peace.
  8. Another Korea War

    If another war starts in Korea, I see various POD's: (1) North Korea invades South Korea (2) South Korea and the USA invade North Korea to stop the missiles. (3) There is a civil riot (caused by hunger?) in North Korea. Army units are sent to quell it, but instead join in, and the trouble...
  9. What is Before 1900's "Sealion"?

    Does the coming of the Anglo-Saxons to post-Roman Britain count as anything like an OTL Sealion?, although it took a long time to complete.
  10. Habsburg Resurgence

    In that sort of time, greatness needs industry, and how well supplied was Austria-Hungary with coalfields? And with metal ores?
  11. AHC: Chinese Cuba

    OTL, much so-called "native laziness" is caused by schistosomiasis .
  12. AHC: Understandably Germanic English?

    With the sea between, those languages over time would still evolve in different directions.
  13. Restored Byzantium 2.0

    Sorry. In Lascaris's message of Oct 10, 2015, how easy would it be for the greatly reduced Turkish army to defeat the Kurdish rebellion, in mountainous country where a few who knew the area could delay or hold out against many who did not? If the Greece and Anatolia events do not change the...
  14. Restored Byzantium 2.0

    (1) With the Caliphate not abolished, but Hussein bin Ali as caliph, does that portend serious trouble within Islam with the Shia objecting to being ruled by Sunnis? (2) Seeèvres :: What chance of a full Treaty of Sevres Armenia being revived?, likely...
  15. Orthodox Constantinople by 1950?

  16. No 2nd Balkan War says that OTL in the Second Balkan War Turkey took advantage of Bulgaria being busy elsewhere to take back land in eastern Thrace, and while doing that, Turkish forces massacred all the ethnic Bulgarians that they could find there. I read that some...
  17. No 2nd Balkan War

    I am assuming that Bulgaria DID take part as OTL, but after the first war, that ATL the victors did not quarrel over the spoils. If the Bulgarians got past Chataldja (OK, Çatalca), the next step would likely be street fighting in...
  18. No 2nd Balkan War What if the Second Balkan War did not happen and Bulgaria was content with what she had? What if in the First Balkan War the Bulgarians had got past Chatalja? (I read that OTL what stopped the Bulgarians there was the cholera disease rather than force...
  19. Heathrow Airport is not built

    The story is now at
  20. What if the Civil Rights Act didn't pass Congress?

    1918 and after OTL: Far more Irishmen than ever have had first-class army training, in WWI. As a result, the Irish held on so long in the Irish War of Independence that Britain had to let Ireland go free in the 26 counties. The British boast that "We will wrench the last pistol out of the hand...