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  1. WI Jodorowsky shoots Dune around 1980

    If made in 1980 it might have more of a built in audience from the original fans of Dune the Book. OTOH I think it would have failed too. Dune, the original, wasn't this mystical bullshit story. It was about ecology and politics and very hard SF oriented, with all the mysticism just an...
  2. DBWI: The most ASB timeline of the 20th and 21st Centuries ever.

    Assasinating Franz Ferdinand. "Uncle Franz" the most beloved leader of all time. What madman would do that? The same in Russia, the people loved the little father, kindly Rasputin, tragic little Alexi. The whole world's hearts went out to brave and lovely Anastasia and the good job she did...
  3. The Desperate War

    It is generally accepted that America could not have been invaded by the Axis in WWII. However. WI Germany had done even better in the war's early stages. They take the French Navy whole and then 300,000 prisoners at Dunkirk. They convince the British to exchange their Navy for the...
  4. The Worst Children's TV Shows Never Made

    Mr Wizard Blows Things Up The Adventures of Sweet Little Sally and Big Uncle Phil Playing With the Lawnmower or Fort Refrigerator
  5. Hawaiiwank

    Given any POD before 1900 make the native nation of Hawaii a major power today. Either a superpower, Great power, or Regional Power will do but they must remain solidly independent throughout, though crucial alliances and friendships are permitted. Feel free to butterfly away as much of...
  6. what if japan owned alaska?

    WI they'd used a good deal of the money they used for military in OTL to buy up land from the Russians in Siberia as well. My understanding is the Russians were sellling at this time. If they got the land cheap (and it seems the Russians at this time had little use for it) they could have used...
  7. WI Grant appts you head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs

    And gives you special powers. You are now the Indian czar, as it were, as the President will back you all the way. He wants the Indians treated fairly, but he also wants the West settled and prosperous. He wants solutions. You're you but you back then. You're a fairly well-known lawyer...
  8. WI Rhineland gambit fails.

    I know this has been on before, but I can't find it. Hitler's taking of the Rhineland in 1936 meets with stiff resistance. His forces, heavily outnumbered and outclassed, are easily thrown back by the French with heavy losses. What happens now?
  9. WI: American Civil War starts in 1865

    Lee will die in 1870 of a stroke, he had symptoms of angina in the war but was never incapacitated. There are other generals, Stonewall Jackson may survive, and Nathan Bedford Forrest.
  10. Business Plot successful

    Remember that the American populace was then armed somewhat better than even now since full auto weapons were only recently illegal and the Army was considerably less numerous and sophisticated than even in WWII. There were also lots of WWI veterans around. Should push come to shove state...
  11. WI: American Civil War starts in 1865

    Repeating rifles and Gatling guns for everybody. One interesting part is what might have happened what with the big war between France and Germany in 1866. There was a TL about that on here just a month or so age tho I can't find it.
  12. WI: A sexual revolution in the 1920s

    There was a sexual revolution in the 20's. There are ways to prevent pregnancy besides the pill. But yeh, the pill did make it even more so. There might not have even been a Great Depression had we had the pill in the 1920's. Increasing pregnancies were indeed leading to a moralizing...
  13. WI: Empty Lands

    One of the main things the Vikings came for was timber, in very short supply in either Iceland or Greenland by this time. What kept them coming was good farmland, also in short supply at home, and things like berries etc. The Indians were the main reason they left, hostile people who had...
  14. President Tony Soprano

    How could a big time fully "made" actual Mafia member become President of the US, plausibly? or why couldn't they?
  15. Almost ASB- Treaties with Indians respected

    Have all the Indians ally with Britian during he ARW, (IIRC the Iroquois didn't). Then have the British recognize the Indian nations as sovereign and have them then become their catspaws in the Northwest until after the War of 1812. At this point the Indians unite into one nation, taking present...
  16. Industrial revolution in Song China

    One of the things brought up in the other discussion of this is that the steam engine is more a product than a cause of the IR. It requires a fairly advanced knowledge of iron working and the ability to make things to fairly close tolerances before it can work well. Now the Chinese did have...
  17. HMS Habbabkuk

    You could have put one in the North Atlantic, and effectively ended the sub threat to England. Two or three in the Pacific, right off Tokyo, and you wouldn't need Iwo Jima or Okinawa to bomb Japanese cities. Problem was it was an off-the-wall idea when we were already winning with what we...
  18. Who would win in a fight?

    I selected 4, because I didn't read the post and thought it was a boxing match. Churchy would prolly wipe the floor with Wellington. His hobby was bricklaying, you know.
  19. WI: Two Human species today:

    Are you saying the Neanderthals died out because they threw like girls??:o