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    Threads from "An Old English Tapestry"

    Well England was quite well off at this time. That's why William wanted it.
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    An Iron Eagle in Krakow - How Germans, Slavs, and Balts United

    Fyi the more contemporary term would likely be Ruthenian not Belarusian.
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    Threads from "An Old English Tapestry"

    I was about to moan about the Modern Welsh spelling till I realised it was in the footnotes that are supposed to be modern.
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    DBWI: Make the Swastika a taboo symbol

    According to my dad's navy friend (yes, I know) who used to be a CA apparently it was supposed to be a cross and dots tattoo but the artist slipped and had to even it out!
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    Weekly Flag Challenge: Discussion & Entries

    Mine is as close to a seal as I could get since I'm not using a proper graphics program.
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    What was the most "benevolent" empire during the first age of imperialism(1400-1815)?

    Worth pointing out that not all parts of each empire were equally treated. Most American colonials for example were probably better treated than urban Londoners.
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    WI: The Duchy of Saxony Remained In Tact?

    Perhaps keep the Billungs dynasty going or at least prevent inheritance by the Bavarian Welfs. Alternatively have Henry the Lion more successful and split Bavaria and Saxony in whole between his sons.
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    AH Cultural Descriptions

    The nickname for the Tennessee Guard owing to their white and grey dress uniform and seeming ubiquitousness at Tennessee social functions. Cull & Culpability
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    Map Thread XX

    To put it another way that would be over 8 hours of work.
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    Flag Thread IV

    Except that the Gold Wyvern doesn't represent England but Wessex. It barely represents the Saxons in Britain - note that Kent has its own white horse. I know I'm being overly pedantic at your pun flag but it really bugs me with the whole Wessex = England thing.
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    Flag Thread IV

    That's basically the WestSaxon-Saxon Federation flag. Where's the Anglo bit?
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    PC: Bavaria Swapped for the Austrian Netherlands, 1740-1745

    Grand Prince was used for the heir? But GP should be equal or higher than Grand Duke. Unless that's a translation thing? Like how Prinz was the generic HRE term for heir apparent as opposed to Furst.
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    PC: Bavaria Swapped for the Austrian Netherlands, 1740-1745

    Not quite anachronistic but the Habsburgs used Archduke in reaction to not getting an Electorate out of the 1356 Golden Bull so it has Austrian and Habsburg connotations/associations. Grand Duke of the West was occasionally used by the Burgundians when they had rule over the Netherlands. (And as...
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    PC: Bavaria Swapped for the Austrian Netherlands, 1740-1745

    Lotharingia per se is unlikely as the name wasn't yet fully divorced from Lorraine. Both Kingdom of the (Southern) Netherlands or of Belgium/Belgica work.
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    Western Schism not resolved, could Catholicism devolve into a series of national churches

    One proposed solution was a council of "national" churches with/without the Pope as head of the council and mire subject to it. One thing would be a reduction in general Protestantism as nationalness was an added benefit to supporting it. A general Anglicanism across the board might also be...
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    No St Brice massacre

    It's unlikely it was as widespread as appears. It certainly wouldn't occur in the Danelaw. If anything the massacre set the stage for stronger intervention by the Danes.
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    Richard of Gloucester predeceases Edward IV

    Wouldn't a dauphin marriage be more likely? If only as a way the French king offsets the Brittany match?
  18. The Professor

    Richard of Gloucester predeceases Edward IV

    Your argument appeared to be suggesting that so apologies if you're not arguing for Edward setting that up.
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    What would a US Prime Minister/Head of Government be called?

    My interpretation is that the Speaker gains powers beyond the House so I went with who had governmental power and what their titles are. If the cabinet was kept then best way to control it is to head it. A lot depends on how the powers and offices are reorganised.
  20. The Professor

    Richard of Gloucester predeceases Edward IV

    Some is not the same as most or all, nor proof that Edward V would support it.