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  1. Cinco de Mayo

    Huey Long’s experience in Nashville sounds suspiciously familiar…
  2. Cinco de Mayo

    So, FDR’s going to have a career in the Navy?
  3. Cinco de Mayo

    I’m torn: I kinda want Bolivia and Peru to get back their lost territories from Chile, but, at the same time, Chile is one of my favorite countries, so even though it’s opposed to the US, I don’t want it punished.
  4. Cinco de Mayo

    I’m happy to see Andrew Jackson and Taney get demonized earlier; I absolutely despise them.
  5. Cinco de Mayo

    How is the front in Arkansas looking?
  6. Cinco de Mayo

    Whoa; Quebec independence? Though, really, I shouldn’t be too surprised due to the Francophobia and anti-Catholicism of the Canadian government.
  7. Cinco de Mayo

    Well, with its atrocities in the Congo, Belgium’s halfway there.
  8. Cinco de Mayo

    As much as I want the Confederacy to be crushed, I don’t want anything bad to happen to its Native Americans. (I am a card-carrying member of the Choctaw Nation, after all.)
  9. Cinco de Mayo

    I want the Confederacy to be crippled after the war. Have both sides committed war crimes? Yes. However, the Confederates have done worse, the worst being kidnapping and enslaving African Americans.
  10. Cinco de Mayo

    When I first saw Joynson-Hicks appear, I thought, “Oh no; nothing good can come from that.” With the fall of Haldane’s government, I fear I might be proven correct. Also, Canada had its own William Hearst: William Howard Hearst served as Premier of Ontario from 1914 to 1919.
  11. Cinco de Mayo

    It took me almost two weeks, but I’ve finally read through the whole thread. Superb job.
  12. Look to the West Volume VIII: The Bear and the Basilisk

    That description of Wesleyans [Methodists] using the same hymns over and over again is an accurate description of every Methodist church I’ve ever attended/been a member of.
  13. Look to the West Volume VII: The Eye Against the Prism

    At the very end, it was mentioned that the Cherokee were staying off of the ENA's radar. That leads me to ask about the Choctaws: what happened to them?
  14. Green Revolution on the Golden Gate

    Is there a chance the stronger Green presence in California could lead to the defeat of Prop 8?