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  1. Histor32

    What if Hitler had been a monarchist?

    I don't think the horrors would appear normal, especially a Germany that commits the mass murder, war and genocide that it did. Yes, while we all agree pol pot was a genocidal maniac none talks about him really, yes mao was a the same as were many others. What set Germany apart, was that...
  2. Histor32

    Wi: Coffee targeted as a drug.

    Sounds like a crappy existence .. they should swap the letters around to lsd
  3. Histor32

    Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    I thought it was some crap abstract art personally ... ugly at that.. then I was like hey.. that's Europe.. hey.. look the English Channel has closed and Stockholm is underwater
  4. Histor32

    First man on the moon is African American

    I see the minority groups cheering, I would hope that it would bring people closer and to move away from the racial bigotry faster.
  5. Histor32

    If Japan remained a democracy and never joined the Axis, would manga/anime exist in its modern form?

    Japan... democracy? What about the war with China, Manchuria? Japan has been at war since the early 30s And with resumption of the conflict in China as well as the officers rebellion Japan was becoming increasingly isolated and at potential conflict with the dutch, French, British and...
  6. Histor32

    What TL ideas do you have that will probably never see the light of day?

    My biggest undreamed alt historical idea ... is to have united Europe at least Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, the United kingdom, potentially even Norway under one confederation of family .. big not Norway, Sweden and Finland form a northern...
  7. Histor32

    What TL ideas do you have that will probably never see the light of day?

    Heh.. I can spare a dollar or two for this. That said while it's comedic ... it's also steampunk mad max .. hell id keep it on the downlow and sell it off to sci-fi or Netflix .. could be epic with a budget of even the slimmest streaming titles
  8. Histor32

    Wars that could have had a second round

    Release the Kraken... ;)
  9. Histor32

    Challenger doesn't launch

    Not disagreeing, same thing can be said for the Titanic or Hindenburg. If things work they seldom change until something goes horribly wrong. Space agencies have been bloody lucky with the very few catastrophic that have happened
  10. Histor32

    Challenger doesn't launch

    Accidents are inevitable, good inspection and listening can prevent a lot, but not everything. Something was bound to go wrong with the shuttle at some point. I'm surprised no suit has ever failed in space yet personally, and a number of other items that haven't yet occurred
  11. Histor32

    Challenger doesn't launch

    Every manned space flight has risks, with one of them being catastrophic failure and loss of life. Was Apollo 11 the riskiest? I'd say it took a lot of guts .. but every thing has risks Space is unforgiving with mistakes
  12. Histor32

    AHC: Make East Germany(GDR/DDR) avoid reunification and survive as a western democracy

    Might require less blame on Prussian history a lot of the old class going along with the Nazis, such as willy himself being much more vocal against facsim and the Nazis. (Not that he was a fan of the Nazi's, but he didn't do himself any favors, and caused more shame to the throne ). Also he...
  13. Histor32

    AHC: Make East Germany(GDR/DDR) avoid reunification and survive as a western democracy

    This ... just revive / rebrand Prussia ... not gonna make a lot of people happy as Prussia got the short end of the stick when it comes to being blamed for anything and everything. But if that happened say in the 50's-60s and that was kept up. It's possible you could revive said...
  14. Histor32

    "Logical conclusion" to Spanish rule in Cuba.

    Spain like the French and the English and all colonizers did the same thing. What I mean is at the end of the day when you loose control and those who conquered join together and leave.. ie the USA .. etc.. The Spanish were miserable administrators, just like the rest.
  15. Histor32

    WI: Comiskey dies before buying the Cornhuskers?

    Agreed, Chicago is getting a second team in the al, and or other leagues Heck they even got a fed team. Someone will step in .. Either way .. Cubs do what cubs do in the NL. I don't see the Cubs doing better with out the Sox in town. They played well early on them fell apart .. Sox played...
  16. Histor32

    WI: Comiskey dies before buying the Cornhuskers?

    Which team on the choke gig .. lots of teams choke .. or just can't get across the line . Cubs weren't any better
  17. Histor32

    What if Germany went full tilt into U-boat production from 1936 on?

    Germany needs to knock out the British before going east. That would require more planes and bombers and bombs as well as your uboats and maybe another Bismark. Get the Vichy French and join, that said I'm pretty sure there was quick plans to send that to the bottom of the ocean...
  18. Histor32

    WI: Germany Goes For Poland In 1936?

    I think the poles fall back a little and then regroup and Germany loses Poland was stronger than Germany in 36, Germany was a paper tiger at the time. Germany couldn't go in on Poland and level nothing to defend the French border. And if the French smell blood . ...
  19. Histor32

    What if Germany went full tilt into U-boat production from 1936 on?

    The German units go to the bottom and or start getting scrapped to make planes and tanks that are a tad more useful for a nation in land German victory wasn't at sea. That was just a piece of the puzzle. Germanys problem was that it broken it's rule of taking out large enemies 1 by one...