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  1. TL-191: Postwar

    That honestly depends on what Germany does, Though Germany has it's hands full it's not out of the question for them to intervene and occupy what remains of Russia just to prevent another belligerent regime from emerging. (and quite honestly that would be the smartest they could do and what I...
  2. TL-191: Postwar

    Yeah, no i'm going to disregard and ignore that part and write it off as ignorance on Turtledoves part; which if a new edition of this book series is ever republished that part would almost certainly be edited out and retconned by any editor going through this with any knowledge of Japanese...
  3. TL-191: Postwar

    That's if Japan can keep its birth rate above replacement levels. I do see Japan being really well off for the next several decades post war, but they're still going to face similar issues as otl Japan imo.
  4. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    Why would the US and Germany be in a space race against each other? If anything they'd be collaborating with each other and splitting the costs while being in a space race with Japan.
  5. TL-191: Postwar

    AGAIN, as I said previously the OTL bombers flying out from Europe would cover only a third the distance that the bombers from TL-191 would need to cover to reach Japan. While flying over almost exclusively water, giving the Japanese several hours to detect and intercept them. You know they...
  6. TL-191: Postwar

    You do realize there's a vast difference between flying bombers out of Western Europe (primarily out of Western Germany)to hit the Soviet Union vs flying bombers out from Wake, Midway and the Honolulu to hit Japan right? The former is only a third the distance that they would need to cover...
  7. TL-191: Postwar

    Intercontinental bombers aren't reliable either dude. Wake, Midway or Honolulu is a very long flight to Japan and the Japanese will see them coming and be prepared while they're still thousands of miles out. Granted they won't be able to shoot every single bomber down if the US attempts to send...
  8. TL-191: Postwar

    Kick them while they're down I always say. Especially when they wronged you in the past. True, but it would be funny if it happened.
  9. TL-191: Postwar

    Giving the Falklands to anyone will lead to a war eventually imo.
  10. TL-191: Postwar

    Why would Spain get Gibraltar and not Germany? And as previously mentioned the Argentines were friendly to Britain so I don't see why the Americans wouldn't keep it, along with Belize.
  11. TL-191: Postwar

    I just write it off as Austria-Hungary being geographically closer to Germany than OE which explains why we hear much more of their troubles. Regardless I think they're both going to die sooner rather than later.
  12. Anime is sort of underrated for how much alternate history it contains

    I have referred to Draka as the older edgelord brother of Code Geass for a reason.
  13. TL-191: Postwar

    Well, they're not as bad as Austria-Hungary at least? Which the latter is much more mentioned as having internal strife and conflicts.
  14. TL-191: Postwar

    Ottomans are on their death bed, they're not German client state but as far as my interpretation at least, Germany is their life support and winning both great wars simply bought them more borrowed time.
  15. TL-191: Postwar

    No they don't, Indonesia is enough to support them. And since Japan has held onto Indonesia for a generation already it's not out of the question to assume they developed Indonesia in a way in which Japan's bloc is self sufficient enough to support themselves. And that's not taking into account...
  16. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    Squad of G10N Fugaku's inroute to Sydney during the firebombings of Australia and New Zealand.
  17. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    Raising the Flag on Fiji The iconic photograph of six Imperial Japanese Naval Marines raising the Kyokujitsu atop Mount Victoria during the Battle of Fiji in the final stages of the Pacific War. The battle was one of the last major land battles in the Pacific between the Imperial Japanese and...
  18. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    They became anti-American.
  19. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    Same, I was screaming at my book when he kept appeasing Fearherston.
  20. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    "F*ck you Sinclair! You're a disgrace to Yanks everywhere!"