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  1. What if Kyoto was nuked?

    That's the thing , even the nukes were used on practical targets, under that logic Tokyo makes more sense
  2. What if Japan declared war on the Soviet Union after Pearl Harbor?

    If Japan goes north,them pearl harbor doesn't happen
  3. What if Kyoto was nuked?

    Was Kyoto that big manufacturing centre? Hiroshima was the home of army South, Nagasaki was the port of inland sea, both were messages... Japan can't run or hide now The only way Kyoto is nuked is under a decisive darkness scenario... Japan refuse to surrender.. so keep nuking to Olympic
  4. Prussian Großdeutsche: What if Prussia annexed German Speaking Austria?

    Someone remember me, thanks
  5. Would Austria without its Non-German bits still be able to contest Prussia for leadership?

    Iirc the monarchist wanted a croy,if not they could offer it to the wittelbasch of Saxons. The opposite,fw4 could have supported an Austrian emperor (he thought he would be the arch marshal/magister militum of Said empire) only if Austria army arrest the 'frankfurt rabble' as he wanted it
  6. How viable would the United Baltic Duchy have been after a German victory in WW1?

    Between 2 and 3, we've states like those otl, could split later or stay together as they have more weight together
  7. AHC: Substantial Nineteenth-Century (Or Early Twentieth-Century) Christian Settlement in the Levant/Holy Land

    Nothing, ottoman empire banned it after they disturbed the locals
  8. My novel's English translation - work in progress

    I see but that's vague as hell
  9. My novel's English translation - work in progress

    So what's the novel about Basil?
  10. My novel's English translation - work in progress

    So the novel is about uncle Joe?
  11. Man's Best Friend: An Alternate 1990s and Beyond

    At least it wouldn't be a memetic disaster like it was otl, just a more conventional flop, it will already have it hard with 3DO and Sony coming soon
  12. did Ricimer destroy the western Empire or was he trying to save it?

    The opposite infact the collapse after his death show he was trying to salvage a zombie that ended up being stopped by the ere anyway
  13. Pop Culture Timelines Go-To Thread

    He couldn't in fact he sold it to buy some satellites in Germany, that's why fox decided to sell everything, as saban called out and Fox loss interest. And Jetix was a disney brand, something already TM and Copywritted by disney europe
  14. Byzantine Empire converts to Islam

    Citation needed and Robert hoyan doesn't count
  15. Man's Best Friend: An Alternate 1990s and Beyond

    That because tramiel fired all the video game engineers, Atari lacked the know how to make a console,even they fucked up flare tech efforts,trammiel was a fucking cancer for the poor company. Regardless you cant make a worse console that otl One,even the Pippin and pc-fx were more functional
  16. Pop Culture Timelines Go-To Thread

    The typical for some producers/executive didn't liked the show/content because didn't fit the company criteria/ their taste,it wouldn't be the first time something is dropped just because it wasn't the taste of a bigwig. Is just seems they keep from the package to buy family channel and the...
  17. Pop Culture Timelines Go-To Thread

    it was on foreing market but could disney fill up with content? regardless that gives the power rangers a new permanent home, meaning Disney now will beguilingly keep it on ABC/Cable now(Part of DISNEY hated PR but ABC loved it as it bring good ratings)
  18. Pop Culture Timelines Go-To Thread

    Interesting, maybe the trek franchise is in far better health too? What will be of Viacom? Bought by news corp?
  19. WI: Pop Culture in a world without 9/11?

    No 9/11 dot com become the recession, I could argue 911 panic did helped to mask the dotcom effects There's also the debate about Freddie Mac and fanny Mac too... but that's something very broad too
  20. Pop Culture Timelines Go-To Thread

    According to his creator,Doug was already cancelled before it, it was a small bless for him Disney liked Doug so they saved it and greenlight pepper Ann too