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  1. WI: Jim Clark dies at Monza 1961

    Clark dying and lets say von Trips gets injured and leaves racing and all other things remaining the same would see Hill becoming world champion in 63 and 65 with nothing changing in the other championships.
  2. WI: Jim Clark dies at Monza 1961

    At the Italian GP of 1961, the Ferrari of Wolfgang von Trips hits the Lotus of Jim Clark, von Trips is throwns from the car but the ferrai hits the German and his body goes flying through the circuit. What if instead of hitting him, the ferrai crashes into the Lotus of Jim Clark and kills him...
  3. AHC; 4th major Abrahamic religion

    Not really, the terms used for God in Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy book are mainly Hari, Ram, Prabhu and Gopal, three of which are used for the Sanatani God Vishnu and his avatars.. It is a Dharmic religion
  4. 4 Apples , One Crack.

    Why would the British Empire split up just because the Queen committed suicide? At this point in time the parliament runs Britain, not the Crown. Also why would France attack an allied nation?
  5. Have the IndyKart series be bigger than Formula 1 across the world.

    Almost crashed into Hamilton in FP2 or was it 3? Not his or Lewis' fault though. The damn track was a nightmare to drive on, Monza meets Monaco? A recipe for disaster.
  6. The Darling of the World - A Persian TL

    Cool timeline. Small point it would be Sandhyadevi and not Sandhyagupta as she was not a male child
  7. Historical Figures in an alternate reality

    Alberto Ascari (1918-2005) : Triple F1 World Champion and the first Triple Crown Winner (Monaco GP, Indy 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans). He would not only win F1 World Championships with Ferrari in 1952, 1953 and 1956 but also 1956 Le Mans 24 hours and the 1957 Indy 500, the only non American...
  8. Large scale European conquests of India in the 1500s and 1600s.

    It would be very difficult in the 1500s and 1600s as the Europeans were not so technologically advanced and the Indian subcontinent was ruled by the Sultans/Mughal in the North and Vijayanagara/Various Sultanates in the south. The subcontinent would be a quagmire for any European Army and any...
  9. DBWI: Turks are Islamic

    I have often wondered why there are four countries called Rome? I mean the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the Democratic Roman Republic and the Republic of Rome. Out of these only the Republic of Rome has the city of Rome. Why do the other countries do that? As far as Muslim Turks are...
  10. I SLAM planes into buildings

    I SLAM planes into buildings
  11. How plausible is a Catholic European HRE?

    How plausible is an HRE which is elected by the entirety of Catholic Europe aka the electors such as Kings of England, France, Castille, Portugal, Sweden, Hyngary etc? Also if it can happen would the Emperor be able to control the others or would he just be a figurehead?
  12. A True World Cup: 24 teams at England '66

    Too much wanking of British teams mate.
  13. Alternate list of F1 World Champions: 70 years

    List of Formula One Drivers World Champions: 1950: Giuseppe Farina (ITA) - Alfa Romeo 1951: Juan Manuel Fangio (ARG) - Alfa Romeo 1952: Alberto Ascari (ITA) - Ferrari 1953: Alberto Ascari (ITA) - Ferrari 1954: Juan Manuel Fangio (ARG) - Mercedes 1955: Juan Manuel Fangio (ARG) - Mercedes [POD]...
  14. Explain the AH Quote

    Quote by socialist journalist Liz Warren on billionaire fast food tycoon Ronald McDonald becoming the President of the USA in 2012. The United States is a land of oppertunity, people irregardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality are given chances to succeed. The American dream was and is...
  15. AHC: Zoroastrian Revival instead of Babism/Baha'i

    Could may be a reformed version of Zoroastrianism be possible?
  16. AHC: Zoroastrian Revival instead of Babism/Baha'i

    How can Bab instead of founding what was basically new sect of Islam, found a Zoroastrian sect? Similarly the Zoroastrian sect should spread like OTL Babism/Baha'i religion.
  17. Entirely Indo-Aryan India.

    If the Indo Aryan languages spread in the south of India during the 6th or 5th century BC, then the culture would be a good mix of dravidian and indo aryan culture. If you look at Maharashtra, the culture is heavily influenced by South India and not the northern states such as UP, Punjab or...
  18. Entirely Indo-Aryan India.

    The culture of Sri Lanka is a good example. Aryans settled Sri Lanka in the 6th century BCE and have evolved a culture similar to OTL south India. An Indo Aryan south Indiawould have a similar culture to OTL modern day South India albeit with a few differences.
  19. Explain the AH Quote

    Said by a messenger from Mary, Queen Consort of France, daughter of King Henry VIII to her sister Elizabeth, Queen of England and Queen Consort of the Netherlands. Henry VIII had only two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth despite marrying six times. This message was sent to her after the death of...