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  1. 1920s US Politics in a Hughes Wins TL

    The more interesting question is what happens if the crash occurs in 1927-28 instead of 29, as is likely to happen, since that could change the outcome of the 28 election. A Republican takeover in 28 might be better suited than one in 32 to take on the Depression
  2. WI: Grover Cleveland assassinated in 1894

    I thought that the more interesting POD (for the labor movement and leftism in America more generally) would be post Pullman Strike, and I wanted relatively more apathy to set in
  3. AHC/WI: Humphrey beats JFK in 1960

    FDR Jr supported Kennedy IIRC, he accused Humphrey of being a draft dodger in the WV primary I believe.
  4. AHC/WI: Humphrey beats JFK in 1960

    Your challenge is to have Humphrey beat JFK for the nomination and then explain what the outcome is. I think that Humphrey probably picks LBJ to be his VP, if only to provide regional/ideological balance without being a full-on segregationist. I also think Humphrey has a real chance of doing...
  5. 1920s US Politics in a Hughes Wins TL

    Hughes supported the LoN IOTL, though I believe that was only *with* the reservations
  6. Ford beats Carter in 76, Election of 1980?

    I tend to agree with this analysis. Yes.
  7. Ford beats Carter in 76, Election of 1980?

    I tend to think that, had Ford won, Bush would’ve been a top pick to replace Kissinger at State.
  8. Ford beats Carter in 76, Election of 1980?

    Connally was one of Ford’s top options to be VP IOTL, and he was nearly Nixon’s pick for VP to replace Agnew. Maybe Dale Bumpers runs in 80, though that may be a bit early for him.
  9. Ford beats Carter in 76, Election of 1980?

    Correct, he’ll have served more than 2 years before inauguration in 1977
  10. Ford beats Carter in 76, Election of 1980?

    It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these discussions. Who do you guys think would be the Democratic and Republican nominees in 1980 in a Ford wins with Connally as his VP scenario? Often, Ted K comes up, but I don’t think he runs here as he did vs Carter. Could we see Mondale run? I assume...
  11. DBAHC: No Second American Civil War

    Your challenge is to prevent the second civil war from breaking out. Race relations in the South post-1864 (when the Union defeated the CSA) were tense, especially as President Chase and Attorney General Lincoln enforced the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil Rights Acts. Eventually things...
  12. WI: Hitler dies in 1934

    The day after Hindenburg dies, Hitler falls down some stairs and breaks his neck. Who would come to power in this case? The night of the long knives has already happened, and Hitler had become Der Fuhrer as a result of Hindenburg’s death. Would Gohring likely be the next man up?
  13. 1920s US Politics in a Hughes Wins TL

    Most people on here agree that Hughes would’ve lost in 1920 to whichever Democrat ran. I’m not convinced of this point, as I think that he would probably get the US in the LoN with the reservations and taken away a central Dem issue. Nonetheless, what do you think American politics looks like in...
  14. DBWI: The Germans don't kill George VI

    It had a demoralizing effect, basically
  15. DBWI: The Germans don't kill George VI

    People are forgetting that it nearly knocked the British out of the war. Churchill had to resign for a year or so, it was just after Hitler spurned Halifax’s efforts for a peace deal that the British people were really enraged. The delays suffered under Halifax and Attlee allowed the Germans to...
  16. WI: Kennedy beats Carter in 1980

    Let’s say Kennedy manages not to bungle the question about why he ran and generally runs a better campaign than OTL, beating Carter in NH and getting enough momentum to win the whole primary. How does Kennedy do against Reagan, assuming butterflies don’t make Bush or Baker beat Reagan in the GOP...
  17. AHC/WI: President Westmoreland

    Who do you think could be Westmoreland’s VP here? Someone like Percy or Romney to reinforce moderate credentials and provide regional balance? Also, do we know his thoughts on issues such as civil rights and the War on Poverty? I expect his views were more liberal than the average white person...
  18. AHC/WI: President Westmoreland

    I doubt it, tbh. If he gets in good with LBJ he may get in Congress and elected to the Senate to replace him in 66, but he won’t have the name recognition that he had IOTL. Also, I doubt that Connally would defect to the GOP without the left wing of the Democratic Party (exemplified by McGovern)...
  19. AHC/WI: President Westmoreland

    With a POD no earlier than 1958, have General Bill Westmoreland be elected President by 1972. My own thought is that you could have Nixon beat JFK in 1960, and then things basically go as OTL but George Anderson doesn’t get forced out and gets promoted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff...