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  1. Are there any stories with a powerful African or Native American or Aboriginal Australian empire?
  2. Our Fair Country: The Commonwealth of New England

    I'm wondering whether, regardless of the result of the referendum, the actual result will be something involving either reparation, or something not unlike what happened in Bosnia. At any rate, bad things could happen regardless.
  3. AHC: prevent Franco-German rapprochement

    Prevent the European Coal and Steel Community from being formed, somehow. Robert Schuman doesn't become French foreign minister, so no Schuman Declaration, or any equivalent. France instead forms an economic bloc that deliberately excludes Germany.
  4. Map Thread XIX

    The octagon has eight sides. Let's count the sides. One side...ah, ah, ahhhh Two sides...ah, ah, ahhhh
  5. Russia occupies the German Confederation

    Maybe the Hungarian revolution isn't as bad in this scenario, which leads to the Austrians being able to deal with it themselves? Or not as bad relatively speaking, but the German revolution is sooo scary that the Russians dogpile on it.
  6. No domestic animals

    Domesticated dogs are everywhere, including hunter-gatherer societies worldwide. Without the domestication of the dog, you might well butterfly out civilisation entirely. EDIT@ DValdron - Societies would collect meat, leather, eggs etc. the way most societies did pre-farming (and indeed...
  7. Russia occupies the German Confederation

    How about: (1) The Revolutions of 1848 go much, much worse for the Germans, which require Russian "assistance" to crush it. (2) Said Russians forget to leave. (3) Shenanigans happen.
  8. Our Fair Country: The Commonwealth of New England

    I'm wondering how many people are going to vote "no", just because of the costs involved in subsidising the North?
  9. Delayed Italian unification

    Either the Italian nationalists need to somehow not co-opt the Savoyards (maybe they are too afraid of the republican elements deposing them?), or for France not to support Sardinia. Is there a way to either (a) convince Louis Napoleon (the future Napoleon III) to not support Sardinia, or for...
  10. Our Fair Country: The Commonwealth of New England

    There's no way this could possibly go wrong.
  11. What does California look like without Hollywood or Silicon Valley?

    Maybe tech based around renewable power instead of computers?
  12. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model - The Expanded Universe

    Brazil is still a monarchy ITTL, so I assume that's the imperial flag.–1889)
  13. A More Imperfect Union: A History of these United States

    I'm now wanting to know more about the Church of Columbia.
  14. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    Who the heck cleared this?
  15. Map Thread XIX

    Though it's still not as bad as calling yourself Hugh Mann.
  16. Map Thread XIX

    The United Kingdom of upside-down small South America and Northern smaller adjacent South America: "Am I a joke to you?"
  17. How far would you have to go back to prevent the following words from existing?

    Which reinforces my point. They are much older than some people realise.