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  1. GSpectre

    Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    Personally I find Kats threats to Nadine completely understandable... Kiki is very much an adopted daughter of Kats, so she is going to be very protective. Its also not an explicit death threats Kat has a lot of room to destroy someone without killing them, especially a hausfrau who trys to push...
  2. GSpectre

    1973 Chilean coup defeated

    This is me working off memory so take it with a grain or twelve of salt, but the majority of the militia were left wing. Foremost among them, and best connected to the presidency, was MIR who had one of Allende's children associated with them along with his long time mistress being a part of...
  3. GSpectre

    1973 Chilean coup defeated

    Honestly without Pinochet the Chicago boys would have been moderated, yes they would have been able to get some of their ideas into practice but they wouldn't have been able to get all of them. That would have been a very good thing, you probably would have seen much better growth rates along...
  4. GSpectre

    1973 Chilean coup defeated

    Cybersyn while interesting was little more then a glorified computerized logistics network, honestly it would have been better if it had been absorbed by the military into a logistics program rather then the way it was used which was to centralize and control the supply chain. It was a...
  5. GSpectre

    1973 Chilean coup defeated

    Nothing good. As much as Allende might have been committed to the Chilean democracy (I have my doubts about that and the fact he was killed has made the facts surrounding his actual thoughts impossible to get to as he was very definitely put on a pedestal after his death.) he was surrounded by...
  6. GSpectre

    Effect of Hashemite Jordan as the Palestinian State

    Hashemite dynasty gets couped harder during black September and Arafat and his ilk fail to make Jordan as successful as it has been. Soviets get another satellite state in the region and very little changes. Unless the dynasty holds on then the Palestinians will continue to have the...
  7. GSpectre

    HMS EAGLE in the Falklands

    You're giving him a Kurki, do you hate the Argentines or something :p?
  8. GSpectre

    HMS EAGLE in the Falklands

    If you need fighters/attack craft wouldn't it make more sense to go with the A-7 Corsair II? The US had them and would love the opportunity to get them into service with another nation. They would be relatively quick to acquire although the training time might be an issue and could launch from...
  9. GSpectre

    HMS EAGLE in the Falklands

    Probably re engine the design as well, one of the reasons the M failed its French trials was lack of power with the extra weight that the reinforced structure and landing gear brought. At least that's one of the problems listed in my copy of French secret projects...
  10. GSpectre

    HMS EAGLE in the Falklands

    E2C is too tall, if I remember correctly it could be launched but could not fit into the hanger. The Tracer would barley fit.
  11. GSpectre

    AHC: A Prosperous Latin America

    For Argentina all you need is a better response to the WWI beef glut. Have the government spend money on further industrialization and you could pretty easily keep them in the first world economic tier they were in. The post war crash and its effects are really what knocked them out of that...
  12. GSpectre

    Larack Island 1984

    This is going to be interesting... given the US's inevitable response I have to wonder if more Iranian royalists will be recalled and given more power.
  13. GSpectre

    Eagle of the Andes V2.0
    Threadmarks: 2.3

    Carlos Prats really didn’t want to deal with Lt. Colonel Roberto Federico Souper Onfray. If there had been any justice in the world he would have joined his natural niche and fallen in with Pinochet and the other low effort boot lickers where he could be either sidelined or dismissed as needed...
  14. GSpectre

    War between Pinochet's Chile and a British Argentina in the 80s.

    The problem with your POD is that the tensions which would serve as cause belli would not have existed. Havinng Argentina as a british possession would have radically altered the political landscape of the southern cone. You would also need to determine the knock on effects of having a British...
  15. GSpectre

    Eagle of the Andes V2.0
    Threadmarks: 2.2

    “Copper, it is both our blessing and our curse,” Luis Ferro said as he looked around the room he was making his presentation to. He and his brother had finally inherited their fathers Hacienda and promptly sold it off. Neither of them were interested in either farming or in managing a large...
  16. GSpectre

    Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    Even when Shmidt retires you know that everyone and their brother is going to wonder how he's puppeting his successor, and you know that the brits at least will not doubt the codex exists. MI-6 missions to steal the codex for the next fifty years anyone?
  17. GSpectre

    Eagle of the Andes V2.0

    Not really, they would love Phantoms, but they're too expensive to buy especially since you would need to have new model Spey engine Phantoms in order to really run the carrier. The problem is that by the 70's most of the carriers that were WWII era ships were run down in reserves or they were...
  18. GSpectre

    Eagle of the Andes V2.0
    Threadmarks: 2.1

    Having finally succeeded in recovering my files, and then dealing with my RL housing issues it looks like I will have time to write again. Rejoice, and all that jazz. I should be able to update this at a steady rate, even if its not going to be as fast as I want it to be. without further ado on...
  19. GSpectre

    Give the F-105 Thunderchief the pop culture reputation of the F4

    How would it be possible to elevate the F105 to the pop culture prominence of the F4? Could its life be extended beyond Vietnam in some way? Admitedly by the end of that war a full half of them were gone but could the remaining air frames be flogged off to fight in other wars? Perhaps in the...
  20. GSpectre

    WI: The Chile-Peruvian War of 1975

    Bolivia would get involved but at there first setback the revolving doors of government would start up again and they would be out of it while they dealt with the next series of coupes. Argentina is much more of a toss up, it would really depend on their domestic situation when the war kicked...