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  1. WI Trotsky killed during July Days

    (Firstly, we currently have an excellent, top-notch TL on this forum from @Zulfurium on Lenin and Stalin being killed during the July Days, I would encourage everyone to check it out). I wanted to explore something different. WI when the Provisional Government’s troops come to arrest Trotsky in...
  2. If no Trotskyism, is there a replacement Stalinist scapegoat?

    This is going to be a multi-question post. Trotsky was laid low by sickness at inopportune times during 1923-24, around Lenin's death, when he would emerge as leader of the Left Opposition. WI Trotsky had died from sickness around this time? What happens with the Soviet succession struggle...
  3. AHC: Lazar Kaganovich, successor to Lenin

    Your challenge is to get a scenario where Lazar Kaganovich succeeds Lenin as leader of the USSR. Additionally, what would the Soviet Union and (at least) the interwar period be like with a Stalinist Jew as Soviet leader?
  4. WI Stalin died during the Russian Civil War?

    As a counterpoint to the "without Hitler" threads, how would history - in particular the USSR - proceed with Stalin dead during the RCW?
  5. WI Russian Civil War was purely socialists vs reactionaries vs ethnic separatists

    With a POD after the February Revolution, how can we get a Russian Civil War between: A socialist and republican revolutionary coalition government on one side (at a minimum it must represent an alliance of the Left SRs, Bolsheviks, and Mensheviks, with maybe the anarchists and a few Right SRs...
  6. WI United Ba'athist Arab Republic of Syria-Iraq?

    WI Syria and Iraq had been unified into a single Ba'athist state?
  7. KMT wins Chinese Civil War, effects on Indochina?

    Lets say the Kuomintang wins the Chinese Civil War: - The CCP is defeated on the battlefield and Mao is killed, the CCP retreats into Manchuria which is turned into a Soviet puppet state "People's Republic of China" firmly kept under Moscow's thumb (no way is there a Sino-Soviet Split ITTL, the...
  8. no Free French

    How can the establishment and development of the Free French movement-in-exile be prevented, such that the Vichy (can relocate to Paris) French State is considered (by friends and foes alike) as the only government of France and the French colonial empire? (Note: the French Resistance can still...
  9. Bolsheviks refuse to sign Treaty of Brest-Litovsk WI Lenin's pro-treaty policy is outvoted by the Central Committee and the Bolsheviks still refuse to sign the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk? Will Lenin actually resign? Obviously, the Central...
  10. Lenin lives a decade longer

    WI during Fanny Kaplan's assassination attempt on Lenin, her bullets/gunfire miss him completely, and consequently Lenin's health is better and he lives for over a decade longer (finally dying at the age of 65 in 1935)?
  11. Non-Stalinist USSR

    With a POD at Lenin's death, what are some ways (lay out any and all ideas please) you could prevent the rise of Stalinism/Stalin and get a non-Stalinist Soviet Union? And what would your non-Stalinist USSR look like?