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  1. GarethC

    WI 1930 London Naval Treaty allowed replacement BBs

    I'm kind of toying with an ATL treaty with more of a push towards enabling public funds to be announced prior to the 1930 midterm elections in the US. A high-profile way to do that would be to put some kind of replacement clause into the London treaty, with the intent of buoying up Republican...
  2. GarethC

    AHC: early US withdrawal from Iraq

    It's one of those "I know the storm I want, now where should my butterfly flap?" questions. Assuming that the 2003 invasion goes broadly along the lines of OTL. what are some reasonable scenarios that would encompass an early US withdrawal from Iraq? Is it possible to get a presidential...
  3. GarethC

    USN plans and reality vs Kriegsmarine pre-1942

    Can anyone shed some light on US naval thinking with regards to how they would go about engaging a KM lone raider prior to Pearl Harbor? The OOB I've found for the Atlantic Squadron has 4 BBs (none of which could catch a raider), 5 CAs, and about 30 destroyers, plus Ranger and some rather old...
  4. GarethC

    The Netherlands Navy in an Alt WWII

    Assume for a minute that after a series of increasingly unlikely coincidences that, in May 1940, see a German government agree an armistice with Britain and France (including vacating German-occupied Poland, Denmark, and Norway). If at that point the new German regime, desperate for cash to...