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  1. packmanwiscy

    Good US House Maps

    Is there any good editable maps of the US House of Representatives? Possibly with New York and other cities with a bunch of districts magnified? I looked around a bit and I couldn't find any. Just wondering
  2. packmanwiscy

    AHC: One President For Every State

    So it dawned on me that we could realistically have 50 presidents by this point in American history. So, my challenge is for the US to have 50 presidents, each one from a different state. Now, of course we would a POD before 1800, which might butterfly a good portion of people, state borders...
  3. packmanwiscy

    AHC: Mississippi and Alabama split in election

    So, Mississippi and Alabama have voted for the same presidental canidate since 1840. So, what I'm asking, is at some point during the 20th century have Mississippi and Alabama be split between 2 major canidates.
  4. packmanwiscy

    AHC: Largest Politcal Change From a Modern Sports POD

    What it says on the tin. What modern sports POD could have the largest political effect? The POD must be after the 1992 Barcelona Olympics
  5. packmanwiscy

    WI: Wilson pulls out?

    So most people agree that Wilson was a bad president. I'm not here to argue that. But say, Wilson, during his inaugural speech, declares that he's pulling a Polk and is President for 4 years. Everything else stays the same, any law, bill, or anything that he does in office stays the same...
  6. packmanwiscy

    Short Alternate History Football Videos So I was surfing the web, and I found some videos produced by about Alternate History. I watched a couple, and I found them to be at least semi-plausible, so I thought it might be a good...
  7. packmanwiscy

    AHC: Hall of Famer President

    So Gerald Ford had offers from the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers to play (American) Football, but instead he decined. Which raises the question, could a professional sports figure make the Hall of Fame in his respective sport, and then have a successfull political career to end up as...
  8. packmanwiscy

    Sending the Cold Shoulder, Yet Another Alternate NFL

    SENDING THE COULD SHOULDER: THE STORY BEHIND ANOTHER ALTERNATE NFL ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -From the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “Sending the Cold Shoulder” What If I told you, that while one arms race was ending, another one began? That...
  9. packmanwiscy

    AHC: Avoid the Civil War

    With a POD after 1850, have the United States not have the Civil War. Or at least not have a Civil War about slavery.
  10. packmanwiscy

    AHC: Communist Ottomans

    So a couple of days ago this spammer named suleyfidel made a thread that actually went for a couple of pages before it got deleted. Someone (don't remeber who) mentioned how the name is a nice combination of Suleyman the Magnificent and Fidel Castro. So it got me thinking, with a POD before...
  11. packmanwiscy

    Latest possible US balkanization?

    What is says. At what point does it become ASB for the US to balkanize? Bonus points for more countries formed in the process.
  12. packmanwiscy

    WI: Hamilton shoots Burr

    I might be venturing into ASB territory, but what would he the consequences of Alexander Hamilton shooting and killing Aaron Burr?
  13. packmanwiscy

    Russia's two front war?

    So the Japanese and the Soviet Union had some territorial border disputes throughout the 1930's culminating with the humiliating defeat of the Japanese in the Battle of Khalkhin Gol in 1939. If the Japanese have better success, does this erupt in a two-front war? How would this effect the war in...
  14. packmanwiscy

    WI: No Marine Corps

    In this TL the United States Marine Corps is formed in 1775 and decomissioned in 1783, like in OTL. The POD is in 1798, when John Adams does not reinstate the Corps, where as in OTL he does. What are the consequences of this?
  15. packmanwiscy

    Effects of the Revolutionary War in France

    Would the French Revolution have occured differently if France did not intervene in the American War of Independance?
  16. packmanwiscy

    AHC: Have a Swedish colony surviving by 1750

    It pretty self explanitory. Have Sweden control land in North America in 1750.
  17. packmanwiscy

    AHC: A Hostile Canada

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to create a Canada that is hostile to the United States with a POD between 1816-1900
  18. packmanwiscy

    WI: Challenger doesn't explode

    So yesterday I was informed that my grandfather, a blacksmith, made the O-ring, the part of the Challenger Space Shuttle that failed and killed 7 people. The sealing on the O-ring wasn't designed to survive temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If this flaw is pointed out and...