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  1. Partition of the Spanish Empire in 1668 between France and Austria

    I can't speak to the OP (which is fascinating!), but I just keep thinking about how incredible Filipino food is going to be iTTL. I mean, it's awesome OTL, everything great about East Asian food combined with everything great about Hispanic food (why are there so few Filipino restaurants in the...
  2. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    Yes, somewhere in a Bernie post was an alt-Nash Bridges. EDIT: I can't seem to find it. I know that I thought about Nash Bridges but I honestly forget what I did/didn't do with it.
  3. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    He did voice work in Sparky (2000). I figured he went into acting after the WWF went under, likely as a character actor.
  4. Ease on Down the Road: A Motown-MGM Timeline

    Great start, keep it up!
  5. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    Nic and Chris are abjectly terrifying. Ralph definitely looks the part. Either way, it all works.
  6. Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid: A More Radical American Civil War

    In other news the ocean is wet. The way sidebar speculations spiral on this thread we'll max out at 500 pages before Reconstruction begins in earnest.
  7. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    Well, nice very briefly meeting you, Apksmartgang!
  8. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    Sounds like a great post, go for it. I didn't put too much thought into it, to be honest, so explore away as long as you don't breach Canon.
  9. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    Go for it if you want. I personally have no issues sharing images in this thread. Compile some of them into an article and it could be a guest thread. I really like all of these. Since logos often change or evolve over time (look at OTL Disney Channel), we could see many or all of these used...
  10. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    Hard to fault that logic. Sounds like a good guest post. Go for it, I had no plans for Men at Work, though I remember them growing up and my kid likes "Who Can it Be Now."
  11. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    It was a license deal. As of the 1990s E&L still owned the IP. I didn't go any further than that. If anyone wants to take TMNT any further, go for it. Welcome, and thank you for the kind words, @Jay_Maxu, glad to have you aboard. That's an excellent logo. I'd just pictured something dull with a...
  12. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    Hey, a good 40+ years ain't a bad run. Several generations got to grow up with them. But the wheels of technology do march on.
  13. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    They have various agreements, for example the partnership on Harry Fletcher's Wizarding World at WDW. They all had their ups and downs over the years, but are suffering due to Streaming, so getting shifted into steaming and out of cable. If anyone want to do a guest post go for it.
  14. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    It would essentially be a part of Person's Penguin Television iTTL, as Thames, Grundy, et al are still part of Pearson and would have been rebranded under Penguin after Pearson Purchased Pathe and Pinewood, producing Penguin Pictures amidst an alliterative avalanche of acquisitions...
  15. AHQ: President Hooker's successors

    OK, so just spit-balling on my own... Daniel Sickles, perhaps? Well-connected and politically-involved War Democrat, comes across as a narcissist, invented the "Temporary Insanity" plea to escape a murder conviction. Maybe another General? I'd assume that it would need to be someone pliant and...
  16. AHQ: President Hooker's successors

    So, after an utterly humiliating loss to the CSA and their UK & French allies (peace with secession in 1863), Lincoln resigning in shame, General Hooker rides a wave of populist anger to the White House in 1864 and promptly (coopting the existing Democratic and some Republican Machines) cements...
  17. An American Inventor in Paris:

    If you've served, you've served with a "François", that's for sure. Alas, the stories that my "François" told were less amusing and more revolting, since he was into some weird merde. It was entertaining in a shock value, John Waters kind of way, I guess. But nothing involving being chased...
  18. Plausibility of a Norse Home Nation?

    Shower Thoughts: Another wacky idea could be if the Great Heathen Army was less successful and were limited to Northumbria (Norseumbria?!?), a Kingdom that's clearly majority Norse and politically and economically isolated by the Saxon kings to the south, who see them as Heathens to be purged...
  19. Plausibility of a Norse Home Nation?

    Yes, just what I was thinking. The Kingdom of the Isles was very Norse-dominated at the turn of the 11th C and more isolated/defensible and I'd say that's your best bet for a surviving "Norse" UK State. They eventually (as typically happened with the Norse, making surviving Norse Ethnic States...