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  1. The Great Crusade (Reds! Part 3)

    You could just put in ellipses instead of telling us we're jumping ahead. It's less jarring, quicker to write, and means the same thing. Have there been any action by airborne units as yet on the Eastern Front? Will there be any at some point during the war?
  2. Reds fanfic

    They elected fascist captains during the Mussolini years, I imagine they'll probably elect a communists if they're enveloped by a socialist Italy.
  3. Reds fanfic

    It is. And its certainly much stronger and more viable than the AH cliché of an independent Two Sicilies.
  4. Reds fanfic

    Would the borers look something like one of these variations, roughly? I gather that the red, at least, is largely correct, but I don't know about the green. Even so, those are some of the best bits, lots of the industry and fertile Po Valley. I imagine Milan would have been a major target for...
  5. Reds fanfic

    The alt-right tends to encompass much more than just an-caps.
  6. Decisive Darkness: What if Japan hadn't surrendered in 1945?

    I could see this playing out a couple of ways. One is Nobuhito's force being annihilated by Mironov's troops, due to them having air supremacy, armour, modern weapons with sufficient ammunition, artillery (albeit only the lightest of pieces), a superior position, superior leadership and actually...
  7. Map Thread XIV

    I love that idea. I think it's hard to pull off a post-apocalyptic map, but I think you've done it very well. I had a vaguely similar post-apocalyptic map of London in mind myself, albeit with an environmentalist alien-AI invasion (like the original The Day the Earth Stood Still) as the premise...
  8. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    This has been a shitpost of a thread from start to finish.
  9. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    My point is that your argument and your manner of asserting it have been stupid and wrong.
  10. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    Get your deeper-than-surface analysis out of here, it doesn't mean anything! They were both men who had the letter 'O' in their name and didn't obey the free market, which means they must have been exactly the same politically.
  11. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    Well, both Stalin and FDR were men, and FDR intervened in the economy, and the USA has three colours in its flag whilst the USSR had two (only 1 fewer!!!), so they must have both been New Deal Democrats.
  12. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    I'm denying that Hitler was a socialist.
  13. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    You mean Workers' Paradise, just like the Third Reich - which all academics agree was as socialist as they come.
  14. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    Thank you Captain kek.
  15. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    Also, New Deal begins with the letter 'N', you know what else begins with the letter 'N'? Nazi. FDR was a damn Nazi.
  16. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    Well, I don't know. Churchill liked the UK, and so did Hitler, and obviously Hitler was a socialist so therefore Churchill was a socialist too. FDR had a translatlantic accent and knew how to read. Hitler had an accent and could also read. FDR must have been a raving antisemite who ordered the...
  17. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    Historically? But Kim-Il Sung is the Glorious Leader eternally and eternity is not historical. He and Hitler are the great socialists in history.
  18. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    No, no. I agree with your well-sourced, logical, eloquent, thorough arguments about Hitler handing over the means of production to the workers. He was definitely a socialist.
  19. Why the nazis hated Communists ?

    You know, if you change the letters a little bit, Adolf Hitler is an anagram of Socialist. Based on that irrefutable evidence, you must be right; Hitler was a market-hating, economy-nationalising, agriculture-collectivising socialist.