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  1. An Examination of Extra-Fantastical Systems of Government

    I can imagine the supporters of republicanism in that world. "Listen, giant flying lizards kidnapping princesses is no basis for a system of goverment! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical draconic ceremony!"
  2. An Examination of Extra-Fantastical Systems of Government

    Well, I'm a fan of the first thread (though I'm admittedly FAR behind it, I'll catch up someday promise!!! I have some proposals I'm still working on), so I'll love to participate in this thread. Here are a couple of proposals for fantastic goverments I've never got time to develop: So you...
  3. Air and Space Photos from Alternate Worlds.

    So Starship: NASA Version? I love it.
  4. What if Operation Unthinkable happened?

    Not to be rude, but this sounds something out of a videogame rather than any realistic proposal. It depends on a lot of moving parts, from a complaint Japan, to Turkey accepting passage, to a sucessful invasion of Crimea, to the complete anihilation of the Soviet Navy and Air Force because of...
  5. What if Operation Unthinkable happened?

    The other thing, besides fighting a former ally, is that even if the Wallies were able to scrape enough anti-communist support to have a weary populace support war agains the USSR (very unlikely), they would be fighting side by side together with Nazis, and probably not any Nazis, but the most...
  6. WI: More countries in the International Space Station (China particulary)

    Now that would be a thing to see x'D (Polish cosmonauts did participate in Interkosmos, so Poland actually Could Into Space at some point. I don't see why modern Poland couldn't send at least a couple astronauts to ISS)
  7. More nations joins WW2 frontlines

    Over 5000 Argentine volunteers, most of British descent, fought against the Axis. They fought in all theaters of the war, and it's a shame they aren't more remembered here in my country and elsewhere. The...
  8. WI: More countries in the International Space Station (China particulary)

    A question for the space buffs here; what if there are more countries participating in the ISS? China is barred from participating due to a US congress act in 2011, but it had previously expressed interest. Being perhaps the third or fourth largest space player right now, its participation...
  9. Effect on the rest of the world during an American civil war in the 1930s?

    Inmigration will be affected. Anyone prominent in otl or the families of anyone prominent who would have gone to the US at the time will go elsewhere -most probably to South America- or stay home. Lots of butterflies.
  10. AHC: An East Asian society adopts a Republican form of government without learning about it from the west

    Anyone have more information on those early Indian republics? They apparently existed and I think the Greeks that came with Alexander wrote about them. But I'm not sure of the specifics. Seems that worldwide, cities in general tended to organize in councils that tend to a "republican" form (as...
  11. Map Thread XIX

    Nice, I knew it sounded familiar! Can't wait to see more from this world!
  12. Map Thread XIX

    This might be the first time in I've seen the native people of my province (the Qom) mentioned! Beautiful job! Where did you get the name Qualambvar from?
  13. Map Thread XIX

    Well, since this is a "radical centrist" wank, it all depends on your ideological beliefs. Maybe a combination of regulated free trade and slow-moving UN bureucracy trudges along solving humanity's problems and eventually we go into space in a unified democratic goverment with prosperity for...
  14. Map Thread XIX

    This started as the "Radical Centrist" map of a political compass Worlda series I'm making where every *ideology* in the popular Political Compass test -Authoritarian Left, Libertarian Right, etc.- gets its own ASB world. (dunno if I will finish it, I have so so so many projects). It ended up as...
  15. Proposals and War Aims That Didn't Happen Map Thread

    Hyderabad is weird because it -to my cursory knowledge- had strong leadership, was very wealthy (at least its royals were) and had its own internal institutions like it's own currency, several industries, an airline and more, and so it could potentially have worked as an independent state... but...
  16. Great Big Worlda Collaborative Project - REBOOTED: The Pantheon's Engine

    Hey, I got an invite but never got time to answer! I'm currently somewhat busy but I'll join the discord server soon!
  17. WI: Christian India pre-1400?

    How about a Christian Sri Lanka?
  18. AFTERMATH. a post nuclear timeline

    My suggestion is to polish it more before making it a TL. Timeline updates are often (but not always) written from the perspective of someone within the TL, like a textbook or article; references to "our world" or other weird wording like "195X-60" don't really fit. If the lore isn't clear yet...
  19. AHC: Make UN as powerful as possible

    Make it have a standing army and a much larger budget, enforced by treaties. The UN dictates actual laws, not suggestions, much like the decisions of the European Parliament. A proportional General Assembly; probably two assemblies actually, one for individual states, other by population; this...
  20. Feasibility of Grossdeutchland

    Maybe a bit off topic but some posters here seem oddly insistent that Northern Italy would accept being part of a greater Germany no problem. Is there any historical evidence for this? As far as I know, Italian nationalism and desire for unification was brewing in the same way as Germany and...